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Psy and Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ connection

Psy’s always been one of the top loved performers in Korea (returning to glory after being banned from tv and eventually doing military service… twice!  Regaining the public’s love.)  But he’s totally blown up with catchy, over-the-top ‘Gangnam style!’  (smart to sign with YG!)  Y-star press coverage of his recent concert…

And the roof catching on fire!  @3:05.  He was freaked out too!  But he’s a total pro and quickly calmed everyone down by singing Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman,’ acappella!  It’s like a song for all generations!  Loved how the crowd sang along…

@3:05. (Psy’s like whoa, how did that happen, but then he looks at the fire, and says that’s pretty cool.  Ha.  He tries to calm everyone down…)

Psy: Everyone, look at me.  I can’t lose to a fire!  Everyone look at me.  Since we played so hard like fire, that’s what happened.  Can we please turn on the water? (water sprinklers pop up.  Wow, that’s really handy!)  Please shut the water off now.  I’ll sing you all a song, acapella. In the meantime, please take care of that fire.  This is a song that I wrote… (he starts singing ‘Because you’re my Woman’  Perfect lyrics…  ‘Don’t be alarmed…’  Haha.  Fire gets put out.  Thank God! )  At least we got a good water sprinkling and I got to sing ‘Because you’re my Woman’ acapella for you.

English: LSGfan, Video: ystarchannel3

I SO want to go to a live Psy concert!  He’s a crazy awesome live performer!

More fire coverage of Psy and audience singing ‘Because you’re my woman’~~!!

(video: Shimdorico)

Psy says people never believe he wrote Seunggi’s debut song!  I want to see Psy and Seunggi singing together again sometime!

Whoa… can’t believe this was Seunggi 8 years ago, his debut year!!!

2004.12.29 SBS Gayo Daejun: Seunggi & Psy – Because You’re my Woman

(video: tkfkd111)

It’s like Psy’s thing to sing it on tv at least once a year!  It cracks everyone up~~~!!!

2010.11.19 KBS Sketchbook (LOL at Yoo Hee Yeol’s reaction!)

(video: JoanCNBLUE)

2011.07.09 SBS Good Morning (@3:35, omg love the photos of Seunggi!)

Psy: Among the songs I’ve written, I thought I’d sing you a few songs that may not seem like I would have written them. First off, Lee Seunggi’s debut song, Because you’re my woman. (omg, audience can’t help but to crack up!  But, Psy’s seriously got a great voice!)

(LOL.  Everyone teasing him and giggling because it has such a different feel from when Seunggi sings it!  They talk about how all young guys have noona crush experiences!)  @1:50 – Psy:  The next song is called ‘Father.’   Actually, I gave this song to Seunggi too.  I wrote the lyrics, and the keyboardist composed it.  And it went into Seunggi’s album. And then I later sang it again…  (English: LSGfan, Video: entertainmentSBS)

Aw, such a touching song!  Can’t believe Seunggi sang, rapped(?!)~~

(video: LeeSeungGiLover)

Psy is seriously a music and performance genius.  He was on SBS Healing Camp this week and the interview was hilarious!  Didn’t know he studied abroad in the USA (Boston) when he was in college!  Except that he totally spent that time going to clubs, secretly enrolling in a music school instead, and honing his music skills!  Love it!

Psy (and Kim Jang Hoon) even did the official song for Strong Heart!  Miss those days!

(video: razan204)

Hope we get to see this again…

Image: Naver

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5 Responses

  1. Great article!!! I always knew that Psy wrote ‘Because you’re my Woman’ but did not know that he also wrote ‘Father’. Seung Gi must be a big fan since he also sang ‘Entertainer’ which I believe is also Psy’s. Such a talented man.

    Thank you for always enlightening us with your knowledge of Lee Seung Gi. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I just found their “Because You’re my woman’ few days ago, and I love it very much!
    About PSY, we’re familiar with his humorous side in variety show, that maybe people don’t believe he has real talent. A week ago, I’m a bit surprised to know he is the new Judge for talent search in SBS (replacing YG rep maybe?), I know he compose that song but…but after I heard him singing BYAMW with seung Gi, my jaw dropped. This man sure has talent !!

    I’m happy that he present that song to seung gi (and it reminds me that Seung Gi sang his song: ‘entertainer’ in his 1st concert as well). I’m wishing so much that he’ll compose another song for Seung Gi. Please!! :D

  3. I’ve seen him perform Live twice at a YG concert and at this KPOP concert, even though you may not be a fan of his genre or style or may never heard of him before he gives you the energy to all of sudden get into the music and get hyper. It was really wierd, but all of sudden before i knew it, I was up and jumping. His performances make you like that!!

  4. ว้าว ซกิ

  5. just know recently that psy wrote bcyrmwm ¡¡ fantastic

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