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[Fanmade MVs] The King 2 Hearts: Heartbreaking love…

With the Olympics is over, I’m again sucked into the amazing fanmade MV world of our King Lee Jaeha and Queen Hangah!   TK2H ‘Hearties’ fans are SO awesome!  Still get chills watching these MVs…  huhu, our beloved King Lee Jaeha and his queen…

Give My Love

(video: leyzlie)

Loving you is suicide

(video: StupidApples)

Drunk Kiss EP6

(video: kissnspazz4mbc)

Slept Together EP8

(video: kissnspazz4mbc)

 Love Theme_hug and kiss

(video: haesong225)

“Destiny Love”아하는 사랑입니다

(video: haesong225)

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2 Responses

  1. in this drama.. i felt disappointed about the auther writing..
    LSG and HJW doesn’t have any love line at all..
    this drama is all about Brother’s dealth, M Club, battle with jae won and M club.

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