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A Gentleman’s Dignity ep 20: Surprise song-dance proposal set to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Will you Marry me’

OMG, this is freaking awesome!  Seunggi’s ‘Will you Marry Me’ has become THE Nation’s proposal song, for sure!  It’s appeared in various dramas since premiering on Brilliant Legacy, and recently showed up on KBS Big, ep 1.  But now, it just got MAJOR air time for key proposal scene in SBS A Gentleman’s Dignity final ep 20!!  Surprise song-dance proposal… and English translation of DoJin-YiSoo’s talk…

(video: DramaSBS)

A Gentleman’s Dignity, Ep 20 pt 2-2

(English: LSGfan, Video: krkodhit)

Pre-Proposal talk @19:50

DJ: What is it you want to say?
YS: Do we have to have something particular to say to meet?
DJ: Why are you being so prickly? Did you meet another guy? A younger guy?
YS: You must really want me to meet someone!
DJ: Your ment is strong. Are you annoyed with me about something? Guys can only know when you tell them. You may want us to just know, but we wouldn’t otherwise. Then, I’ll go ahead. Keep tomorrow evening free. Every 10 years we all get together and take photos. When we turn 20, 30, 40… This will be the third time.
YS: But why should I free my schedule?
DJ: For the first time, we said we’d take photos with our partners.
YS: What if you change partners afterward? One couple’s married, the other’s planning to get married. But we don’t have a reason to take photos.
DJ: You must be really upset with me about something.

(DJ gets phone call, and talks to the person in affectionate, sweet way. YS can’t help  but to be jealous, thinking it’s some other girl!)

DJ: You’re not going to tell me why you’re mad?
YS: Fine. I’ll say it all. It’s not that I’m mad. I feel burdened. I keep thinking when will this happiness end and I’m already preparing for getting hurt. But you always give me strange gifts, confusing me as to whether you really want to live with me or are teasing me.
DJ: Seo Yisoo, how many times have I said let’s live together? What else can I do? You’re the one who has yet to say it once.
YS: Because you always say it half-heartedly.
DJ: Half-heartedly
How many times have I said this is my sincere heart? You really can’t trust me? Then I’ll have to make you trust me. (He pulls out flashdrive pen!). Instead of hearing it for yourself only, listen to it with everyone here. Listen carefully…

(DJ sticks flashdrive pen into laptop… And a song is uploading.  In the meantime, his voice appears though the public speakers… Aww~)

DJ’s voice: Seo Yisoo, live with me. Let’s live together. Do you want to live with me? We could live together. I’m saying, marry me. Will you marry me? Seo Yisoo, turn your head…

Will you Marry Me song/dance Proposal @23:30 

(OMG! LOL!  Their dance number is SO cute yet hilarious!  Seunggi’s heart signs…  Hehe, the song has a totally different feel with these guys doing it!  But still very sweet and endearing!)

Aw, Seunggi said he was watching the drama.  Must’ve been surprised to see his own song pop up!  Whoa~ pretty big deal  considering this is a Writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Shin Woo Chul project (Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, Lovers, Lovers in Prague, Lovers in Paris).   At least we still get to indirectly see/hear Seungg on tv~~!!

Big, ep 1 @4:30 – Daran listens to WYMM

(video: tiffany released)

Brilliant Legacy – Original WYMM (miss Hwansung!)

(video: PigBunnyPro)

Maybe I’m biased, but I’d so rather get one of these PROPOSALS…

Especially the Lee Jae Ha TK2H proposal… Waahhhh~~~!!!!  The best ever!!!!

Cha Daewoong – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (miss our Hoi Couple!)

(video: msingdc)

Lee Jaeha – The King 2 Hearts (miss our King and Queen!)

(video: martyna267)

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  1. I just finished that last ep of AGD. It’s a really good ending and SeungGi’s song made it even better. “Because you’re my woman” has been lived on for 8 years. I bet WYMM will be the same. Those are classic and I’m happy to witness SeungGi’s era :))

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