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Sneak peek: Seunggi in knit poncho for upcoming Instyle?

Looks like a Navajo-ish knit poncho or big scarf, and rolled up jeans on Seunggi?  (That’s why he was happy to don the Disneyland Micky Mouse poncho afterward!)  Hm, I was expecting some modern, urban-chic typical fall season concept, but the sneak peeks so far suggest a more rustic, nature-outdoor backdrop concept…

Either way, I trust Photographer Oh’s previous work and past shoots together.

Just hope the fashion shoot layout aims to showcase a different side of Seunggi.

I guess Instyle feature editor Choi Hanna’s tweet is a very good sign…

Can’t wait to look inside the pages of September’s Instyle, set to hit stands next week!

Images: Twitter, LSGfan

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2 Responses

  1. Eagle Eye Ann! Bowing…

    • Ha. ‘Bowing’ is too kind and undeserved! Call it, I have to focus my energies on things that help me to ignore how much H**k gets on my nerves.

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