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Seunggi’s goodbye to fans at Hong Kong airport [2012.07.28]

We must all really miss seeing Seunggi?!  because this made me feel kinda sad…

(video: chea4b)

But happy to hear…. more pitter-patter sounds of Airens’ feet… and running with LSG!

(video: airen4emsy)

Airens are SO awesome for braving the horrible Hong Kong weather and trekking out to the airport, having to guess when he was departing (and when he was arriving!)… and showing so much love!

(video: fansforu)

Aw~~~ Bye~~~!!!!  Hehe, always so overwhelmed!  I’m sure he loves it!!

(video: fansforu)

Whoa~ I freaked out when I saw this girl fell.  Hope she’s okay!

Aw, but Seunggi’s hand~~~!!!  That should definitely make it ALL better!

One thing I love about Seunggi~~  he’s always a quick learner~~!!!  Had good sense to do the hat again, and without the glasses. Too much accessorizing isn’t always a good thing.  And nice shirt, but next time, hope he promotes Heritory airport fashion!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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