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Olympian Lee Yong Dae is Badminton’s Lee Seung Gi

I’ve been so obsessed with the Olympics!  Glad it’s ending, so we can all get back to our lives!  So proud of ALL our Korean athletes and our USA athletes for making your peoples and fans around the world proud!  Dae~ Han~ Min~ Guk~!!!  U~ S~ A~!!!  And congrats to Badminton’s Lee Seunggi(?) Lee Yongdae, for bringing home the Bronze!  This Seunggi-Yongdae story never gets old…  but Seunggi is, by far, #1 for me!!!

Some athletes are getting even more attention because they resemble other stars. Let’s meet them now… Athletes Lee Yongdae and Chung Jaesung secured their pride by beating the Malyasian team and winning the bronze medal at the Olympics.

Do you remember from 4 years ago? Upon winning the gold medal, Lee Yongdae looked into the camera and flashed that wink. And who did he resemble~?  It’s fact, Lee Seunggi. Even resembleing his ability to make noonas swoon.

MC: These days you often hear that you resemble someone, right?
LYD: Yes.
MC: Where do you think you resemble [Lee Seunggi] the most?
LYD: First off, my face resembles him. I think so too.

Even Yongdae acknowledges they look alike. So how does Seunggi feel?

LSG: At first, I felt really shy about it. But I feel very happy. And as one of the fans, I cheered for and clapped a lot for him.

MC: Any way in which you’re different from Lee Seunggi?
LYD: Someone told me I was better looking than Lee Seunggi. [laughter]

Ha, even his singing is similar.

LYD: Noona, because you’re my woman~ Because you’re my woman~~ (OMG, cute but so off tune!)

They could pass as twins!

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

Whoa~~~ they really do give off a similar feel and vibe…

2012’s buzzed about Olympic stars. You’re like me. We reveal the #1 most perfect match making us proud.

Wink Boy athlete Lee Yongdae. Capturing the hearts of women everywhere, he’s badminton’s prince. But, when we see him, we can’ t help but to think of this person…

Singing. Acting. Variety. CFs. Not lacking anything, singing prince Lee Seunggi. They are so similar, so handsome.

Not only their looks, but Lee Yongdae is also similar in skills. But just like heodang Lee Seunggi, there’s heodang Lee Yongdae. Making the women swoon, Badminton’s Lee Seunggi, athlete Lee Yongdae.

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

The 2012 Olympics will always be so memorable~~~!!!!

Will never forget Seunggi as Olympics torchbearer…  representing Samsung, Korea, and everything that’s awesome about the worldwide Olympics spirit ~~~!!!!

Images: Samsung, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. These buzz doesnt matter anymore .. what matters most, for us Seunggi is more far way ahead than LYD the athlete..

    and I agree to you Ann, that 2012 London Olympics will always be memorable for us Airens..Seunggi made a mark being a part of the history as a torchbearer.. As a fan Im just too proud seeing him running w/ the torch ^-^

    Sorry Ann to share my thoughts out of the blue in here..(out of topic)
    after deciding for a long time whether to watch or not the final epi of 1n2d Season 1, i finally watched it..Aww! and i failed to contain myself I cried so hard:( Its just that i missed Seunggi so much on the show.. I know doing 1n2d is tough for him but it’s where I’ve seen the real Seunggi.. I really miss his Heodang~ness..

    • Aw Jude~~ me too, I totally cried buckets of tears everytime Seunggi appeared on the screen during the final 1n2d ep. But honestly, I only watched the ep once, rewatched some of the LSG cuts.

      I haven’t watched a single episode of the new season, nor follow the news about it. Nothing against the new show or new guys, but it’s a completely different show to me and nothing draws me to it. I loved 1n2d because of the members, mainly LSG and his hyungs, their relationships, and their total commitment to bringing laughs and tears to viewers.

      I’m super glad LSG chose not to do the new show. It was time. I think if he stayed, it would’ve been more stressful than fun. It’s a different show with different people.

      I love that his last memory, and our last memory of seunggi on 1N2D, will be the amazing memories and awesome times he shared with the primary long-standing members Hodong, Kim C, Mong, Jiwon, Sugeun… and PD Na. It was the peak of 1N2D. The gorgeous places they visited, the sincere people they met… that’s what ppl remember. those reruns still play on Korean cable all the time. I still LOL watching old eps!

      • Thanks Ann, for sharing w/me your sentiments on my emo moment..
        totally relieved knowing we’re on the same boat. kekeke

        I have to agree with you that Seunggi made a right choice not to do the new show it’s just that i couldn’t help but miss seeing him on the show with the rest of his Hyung’s. Its where i see him more of being himself, enjoying his time around with them. I was touched when he said during the final episode that he actually couldn’t stick on things for long..but in 1n2d he proved it all wrong.. He himself couldn’t believe that he stayed & lasted for 5 long years.. He must really valued their friendship & camaraderie, they’re just like more than a family.

        Me too i haven’t tried watching the new show..I have nothing against the new show too, but I know S2 will never be the same with out the primary long standing members, including PD Na. No offense to anyone or you might say im selfish but those amazing memories during season 1 is more than enough to be treasured & preserved for me..and i wanted to stay it that way..hehehehe ^___________^

  2. Last Night, i cried bucket of tears too reading n watching some old 1n2d clips where Kim C left the show n Seunggi cried because of that. I really miss their bromance. It’s so sad. I only watched the last episode once, cant bear watching seunggi hold back his tear. Oohhh seunggi ya, i miss u so much. Please come back to variety soon.

    Hi lsgfan, i m usually a silent reader. I just want to thank you for updating seunggi’s news. I like your blog : )

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