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Can’t wait for all the goodies from the Taiwan fan meeting!

Hope everyone has an awesome time!  Safe travels to Seunggi and his entourage, and all the fans!  Can’t wait to hear all about it and see all the photos and videos!

More at facebook.com/IAMEntertainment.tw

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Respect, support, and love for the #1 for Airens~ Seunggi…

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Seunggi’s best easily assembled perfectly together…

Hope this day comes around again soon… seeing the awesome potential and perfect best of Seunggi, from head to toe, both inside and out, come assembled so easily together.  So easy, yet… huhuhu.  When a fitted white shirt(!) + great hair + charming personality are perfectly assembled together (below)… So hot!  huhuhu…

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Lee Seunggi in Heritory, officially up at InStyle Korea

Yay~~~ this IS my day!  Our Seunggi splashed on InStyle Korea homepage!

Official photos and article from September issue also now up in Star Fashion.  And the awesome new Heritory CF featured on the front page!  Love it!  Heritory’s marketing team is seriously genius!   Loving these photos from Hong Kong all over again… *spazzing fangirl mode*

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Singapore interview asks Seunggi about Hodong [NTD TV]

More news coverage of the Singapore visit.  Really love how Seunggi’s shown major respect for Hodong hyung since his temporary leave, respecting his privacy and not talking loosely or publicly about stuff, unless directly asked about it.  Will everyone finally get to see the return of Korea’s best MC combo ever…??!!

LSG @1:30 [Asked about Kang Ho Dong] He is such a brilliant sunbaenim to me. And it would be nice if we were to have the opportunity to work together again.   There have been a lot of reports about his comeback in Korea, but as none of this has come directly stated from Kang Ho Dong sunbaenim, as a hoobae, I’m very cautious about saying anything regarding this.

Video: New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television, English: LSGfan

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Lee Seunggi is ‘Casual? No! Heritory’ [2012 F/W Heritory CF]

More versions and BTS making cuts, please!  The mysterious-playful vibe of the CF, matched with the tango-ish music and movie-like feel really work effectively in building up the reveal of their faces midway and at the end.   Emphasizing the fashion feel of the clothes, the voiceover (and brand name!)…  ‘Casual? No! Heritory.’  But isn’t Heritory supposed to be ‘traditional, casual, British’~~!!  Maybe there’s a part 2 CF?!  Hope so!  Feels like a story is unfolding…  love the way Seunggi’s captured, playing with his hat, record, book.  Later meeting Yoomi on the street, riding vespa, and running off together!  Ok, there’s definitely a story.  Heritory, please give us more!

There’s an official Heritory youtube channel now.  Give it lots of love!

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Seunggi’s Singapore fan meeting style and fun [2012.08.25]

Ooooohhhhh, GREAT ‘baseball pitching’ body form!  In formal black attire.  So hot!  Aw, Seunggi~~~  why you got to be so cute and manly at the same time???!!!

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