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Lee Seung Gi, SNSD, So Ji Sup cheer for Olympic athletes

MCs: We have star messages cheering for a good outcome…

[Lee Seung Gi – Singer-Actor/Olympic Torchbearer]

LSG:  2012 London Olympics.  I hope all the many athletes maintain good condition and that you accomplish the results you desire and want.

Running Man Cast: South Korea~ Fighting!
LSG: Let’s go~ To London!
Go Hyun Jung: Let’s go~ To London!

SBS Anchors: South Korea’s national team!
So Ji Sup:  South Korea’s national team~ Fighting!
ALL: South Korea’s national team~ Fighting!

(Video: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan)

From the July 28th SBS special ‘We are the Champions.’  Aw, Seunggi looks great!  Love his message to the athletes to achieve and go for their own personal goals!

SNSD girls and their cute message…

[SNSD – Singer]

Tiffany: Our girls have prepared something so the athletes can travel comfortably… This is the most comfortable way.
SNSD: It’s a neck pillow. Cute. Add [an eye cover] to that… Don’t feel too burdened. Most importantly, be careful not to get injured.

(Video: Seomate9, English: LSGfan)

Aw, special message from So Ji Sup (SBS drama ‘Ghost’)… Love the confident coolness!  Stemming from being an older, more experienced actor.  Well, that may be more about So Ji Sup!!  He definitely makes 35 look super fine, hot, and awesome!

[So Ji Sup – Actor]

SJS: Hi, I’m So Ji Sup.
R: You were chosen as the star athletes most want to see. In particular, judo athlete Jung Da-oon said she’d win the gold medal if she gets to meet you.
SJS: Really? That’s an honor. I would like to meet and cheer on our national athlete, so I feel very bad that I can’t leave the studio to meet them. Thank you so much. In particular, judo athlete Jung Da-oon~ win the gold medal.  Fighting!~~  Winning first is not important. Trust yourself, and do your best and compete with no regrets.South Korea’s national team~ Fighting!

(Video: hyobeen32, English: LSGfan)

In-studio performance cuts…

Sistar: Loving U

Shinee:  Sherlock

T-ara: Day by Day

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