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Sneak peek: Lee Seung Gi’s new F/W 2012 Kolon Sport look!

Oooohhhh~~  Whoa.  No way.  Seunggi with a super cool hairstyle…  that actually fits him and looks great on him??!!   And that allows him to give off a 20-something vibe?!  Wow, what’s gotten into Hook, Hairstylist, Cody?!  LSG looks great in chic formal black skinny tie-jacket paired underneath fashionable gold puffy jacket with fur-trim hood!  Can’t wait to see the upcoming F/W Kolon Sport CF~~~

Congrats message for Kolon Sport’s ‘Smart Hiking Classroom’ project that provides useful info and tips about hiking, trekking, mountain climbing…  LSG cut only…

(video:  bklgsss35)

His public speaking skills = SO EXCELLENT!  He’s just awesome like that!  (very admirable and hot when guys are effective, confident speakers!)  I love Lee Min Jung, but in comparison to LSG…??~~ the full Kolon Sport video…

(video:  kolonsport)

I’m really digging this look…

And wish they’d do more chic, fashionable looks (the good kind that look good on LSG!) more often.  How freaking hard can it be to do this on a more regular basis?!

So tired of repeating the same rant!  The inner thoughts of Hook, Cody, Hairstylist are a mystery to me…  they for sure know fans have been ranting for years about their ridiculousness…  sadly, I’m almost now convinced they purposely choose to be that way!  As to WHY… who the heck knows!

Really shocked that not a single fan over the years, who’s seen and met Cody, never asked him~~ why he chooses to regularly fashion-sabotage Seunggi!!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. Yaaa..new hairstyle !! look so great ! more handsome.I guess he look a becoming teenager <3 <3 …

  2. i agree with u so much!!! he actually looks trendy here. once in a while, id like to see him this way. i really cant fathom cody’s fashion sense. i mean he’s the one with the glasses, red mushroom hair right? is he the type of male cody who is better off styling a girl? im not implying anything but i cant understand what goes through his mind.sigh~

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