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Samsung Zipel’s Lee Seung Gi poses for ‘Sensation of T9000’

[July 17, 2012].  Shilla Hotel. Samsung Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000’ event for 200 VIP  Samsung Electronics premium members.  ‘Zipel’s Man’ Seunggi looked totally put together and like a million bucks for the elegant event.  So refined and handsome.  And adorable and cute at times.  Especially loved these daebak expressions…

OMG, I really love this photo set!  See larger photos at DCLSGpost.


Arriving for press photo op~~~


Posing with one very very lucky fridge~~~!!!!

Man, the Zipel fridge has gotten SO much love and attention from LSG!  Hehe. Huhu~~

Typical Samsung event with lots of press and cameras… How is Seunggi supposed to hear or answer questions from reporters with all the camera flashes in his face and loud shutter speed sounds going off?!

But still so well-mannered and attentive… So cute~~~

Images: As labeled, Naver, DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. He looks like a deer struck by all the flashlights in the gif. Heh. Adorable!

  2. haha.. the last gif pic is so funny..
    he tried to change his expression..

  3. wish they had dialed down on the makeup though…still, love the overall look anyway.

    you know how women always wish to be all slim and sexy? well, this is the first time i wouldn’t mind if i was as huge as a fridge…what i mean is to be this fridge to be exact…i’m going insane.

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