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Lee Seung Gi does presentation for Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000’

[July 17, 2012]  Shilla Hotel. Samsung Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000′ event for 200 VIP  Samsung Electronics premium members.   Seunggi did a presentation of the new fridge at the event, like talking product details and stuff!  He said he was nervous, since he couldn’t remember doing a formal presentation like this since college!  Aw, he did a great job!  As expected~~!!!

LSG says he needs to get comfortable to do his presentation~~~ Yay!!!

But why is the shirt SO roomy???!!!  (really want to yank Cody away from LSG!)

Aw, so shy and embarrassed~~~~

‘Sensation of T9000’ ~~~ sounds so dramatic!  Koreans love the dramatics!

Popular announcer Park Ji Yoon MC’d the event.  Thought she looked familiar.  She hosted Seunggi’s 5-min Music Broadcasts for his Tonight album promotions…

So back to the reason Seunggi took his jacket off and got comfortable… to do his ‘fridge’ presentation!  Samsung should just give him shares in the company for being one of the best articulate, knowledgeable endorsement models ever!

He’s had such a public leader-ish vibe these days…  totally respect him!

And couldn’t help but to notice…. his pants… they’re VERY fitted!  The pants definitely make up for that way too big and roomy shirt~~!!

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5 Responses

  1. So I don’t know too much about CF model’s responsibilities: Seung-gi did a similar presentation for Activia. Do other CF models do the same?

    He just gives it his all wrt him being only a model. <3 Among the innumerable things that I adore about LSG is that he is a very good speaker and he has fantastic pragmatic communication skills (good eye contact & smiles frequently).

    Definitely not complaining about those tight pants, are we?!

  2. would it be too much to ask for another translation of the video, anne? hehehe. sorry! It’s so hard when the star you follow does not speak the same language you do!! It’s sooo frustrating, argh!! anyway, what was he shy and embarrassed about? he was the same when he was posing beside the fridge before during the other event.

    By the way, I am also curious, it’s the first time I learned about models doing the presentations. usually they’re just there to be the pretty face beside a product. Is this the same with all Korean celebrities? I mean their working ethics, especially Seunggi’s is amazing as it is. We know how ridiculously pampered Hollywood stars are in contrast.

    hmmm, him taking off that jacket…and yeah, no complaints about the tight pants either. I did not watch magic mike but you know, my mind is going some deep dark places hahaha. (strip tease, yes please, in your next drama!!) All that with a simple fridge presentation. Ah, the leaps and bounds the mind is capable of! ..one order of cold shower please!!

  3. by the way, don’t you love the way the pictures are cut, he was standing right below the word “sensation of” or “sensation” only and there he is below …plus, no obvious make up here so overall, yeah, i love it. Ok, off to shower now, really.

  4. Talking about tight pants, there is a gif (from the World Expo performance I think) floating around showing a twisting Seung Gi. It shows off all the lovely lines of his backside in a VERY fitted pair of pants. Every time I watch it I smile an evil smile!

  5. Agree with everyone!!!!! he looks perfect in those pants! me too, imgagination going wild……….. I’ll stop here!

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