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Heritory Lee Seung Gi fan signing in Bucheon [July 2012]

[July 6, 2012] Fan signing event with Seunggi at the Heritory store in Bucheon. Wish there were more clear photos from this event.  Love the plaid shirt with navy blue jacket.  Even Manager-nim outfitted in Heritory too, in striped Lee Jae Ha cardigan~~

Aw, really love the fans for always showing so much screaming love for LSG~~~

(video: ysuj109)

(video: AirenVideo)

Ok, whose idea was it to stick that huge, very unnecessary, Heritory logo patch on his jacket lapel?!  Whoa, there’s just way too much action going on in the lapel area with that cardboard logo thing, some red button thing above that, and the white navy-lined hanky sticking out of his chest pocket!

And Cody, could you please do your job and advise Seunggi to unbutton his jackets when sitting down.  Otherwise, his whole upper look gets scrunched up!

Hehehehehe~~~~~ Cute…

Little kids ALWAYS get lots of special attention from Seunggi!   Makes me wonder if all those fashionable young moms at the fan signings with cute little kids are really, in fact, moms to those kids??!!  Just saying… Just kidding…

Can’t wait to see Seunggi in Fall/Winter Heritory soon~~~!!!!

Images: As labeled, Naver blog, DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. We should bring little kid if we want to have more time with lsg…so if u dont have kids just use ur nephew, niece, neighbors kid or hire one..kekeke..luv u lsg

  2. it’s a trend among fangirls to bring little kids to the fansign to get special attention from their oppas..lol

  3. Lee Seung Gi u r so .. cute, when u smile, polite the manner,and pay attention to fan,I’m so pity my dear ,I’m so sad when u work hard u still young………

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