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Sneak peek: Seunggi for Heritory F/W 2012 CF shoot

Yay, fall fashion season is coming soon~~!!  And Heritory is going all-out traditional British concept for their upcoming Fall/Winter CF and prints…  includes extra models decked out in memorable iconic British costumes~~  the policeman, older gentleman in suit-hat-umbrella, the cricket player, and maybe the palace guard?  Interesting…  Glad they chose to fashion Seunggi in regular everyday stylish Brit-influenced wear!!

Can’t help it…

but whenever I see Cody…

I just want to reach into my screen and yank him away from Seunggi!!!!

Not really drawn into Jung Yoomi yet.  Maybe because I haven’t seen any of her dramas?  She definitely seems to have great fashion sense.  But I sorta miss the sweet and cute Seunggi – Go Eun Ah pairing from the old Edwin CFs.

Anticipating Seunggi in upcoming Heritory fall fashion~~!!!

Images: Naver blog

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One Response

  1. whoa..really great pictures! uhmm..can I apply as Seung Gi’s new cody?hahaha

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