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Photographer Oh Joongseok tweets ‘Seunggi and me’ photo

* Just noticed Oh Joongseok also photographed Seunggi for December 2010 Ceci. Now it makes sense why Mr. Oh referred to Seunggi in a casual, informal way in his tweet.  Aw, glad they got to work together again!

Gorgeous backdrop.  Simply lovely.  So natural.  Just like our Seunggi Lee… Love Photographer Oh Jongseok’s photo tweet!  Can’t wait to check out the pages of my fave magazine, Instyle’s September edition.  For my fave fall fashion season!  Really hope twitter@geniusoh has more goodies during Seunggi’s stay in Hong Kong this week~~!!

Oh Joong Seok (오중석)’s porfolio includes some more high fashion concept stuff.  I’d love to see Seunggi do more of that kind of spread in the future, but I’m definitely not a fan of celebs being dressed up all weird just to be all high concept and all.

Photographer Oh Joongseok was behind the BTS fashion shoot of SNSD’s Yoona that was all the recent buzz.  I mean, what do you expect when you tweet a grainy photo like this…  um, am I the only one who’s thinking this could easily pass as some adult movie footage??!!  But no worries, I’m sure Yoona’s going to look super cute.

Some more recent stuff from Photographer Oh Joongseok…

SNSD girls looking natural and cute in London Olympics concept for High Cut

Leesang’s Gil and Gary.  Love this!  Totally respect and love their music!

Veteran actors Lee Jung Jae and Kim Hye Soo looking super hot for Vogue

Images: twitter

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2 Responses

  1. Loving everything about Seung-gi’s pic. As for Yoona she looks rather skeletal in her pic!! :/

  2. Lee Seung Gi he look so smart, he’s got natural

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