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  1. Lol!! Maybe it will look nice after it is style the right way.

  2. His cody inspired him for that mushroom hairstyle :-)

  3. He gets us UP and DOWN so dramatically…. This is one of a million reasons why I love him so much….
    Oh,boy…I love your sense of humor…that equation….so funny….

  4. Dear Seunggi~~~ You’re really breaking my heart… shattering it into a million hot hairstyle and hot fashion pieces!!! Being a fan should not involve THIS kind of regular heartbreak! Huhuhuhu~~~~

    • Lol…first thing that came to my mind upon seeing the pics were ” Ann will not be happy” ( I hope you don’t mind me calling you Ann.

      I have mixed feelings about his hair. On one hand, I like that he is able to go au naturelle when he wants since he must get tired of getting all dolled up every time he goes out in public. However, on another hand, he is a celebrity so he should make some effort to look good. Sigh!!! On a good note, he looks so much better with the cap on and I do like his fashion which shows his awesome body.

      • Yes, let’s focus on his body!! Somebody’s been working out!! Not complaining at ALL! =)

  5. That’s one of the mysteries of Seunggi! IF IF IF I ever get the chance to talk to him, I will definitely ask him about his hairdos!

    After the last wonderful hairstyle, I’m also wondering why the floppy hairstyle?

  6. it’s cody’s fault!!! man…LSG really trusts his cody, sigh

  7. Woo…ha..please!!! don’t put on you’d head Mario …be a good boy

  8. Errr…i don’t think he styled it at all. I believe they just pick him up from his home and go to the airport straight away.. Maybe he just had a hair wash before he left for the airport and didn’t have time to style it…. hehe…

    • I agree with you. his hair doesn’t look styled at all. it is all straight and just fall as it is. I guess Seung Gi lets his hair chemical free for now because he’ll be doing a photoshoot for a week and different hairstyle is a must.

  9. Its okay…
    For me, I actually enjoy these shocks! haha~
    And he looks super cute and hot with his ripped body!!! :P

  10. The more I think about it… this is effin unacceptable!

    Lee Seung Gi is an effin Korean celeb! Whether he wants to effin admit it or not! This means coming off like an effin celeb, whether he wants to or not! Especially when traveling abroad… where everyone isn’t going to know that he’s an effin Korean celeb!

    This is why a chunk of his effin hard-earned money goes to Hook and Cody (and a non-existent PR publicist)! It’s the management’s effin job to make sure Seunggi is properly styled and prepped (and CORRECTED or given a hat! if he personally chose to go out and travel with that inexplicable flat – not even bouncy cute – mushroom hairstyle!)

    It’s great Airens support Seunggi no matter what…

    but LSGfan is feeling seriously huhuhu~~~

    • Take a deep breathe, Ann… ^_^

      I really don’t care how he looks when he is not going for an event.

      To me, i support him because of his dramas/songs/variety shows, his hairstyle/clothing doesn’t really affect me so much as his projects. I understand your position, but you are going to get more heart attacks (hope not) in the future.

      Hope that the hairstylist will be around to help him out before he stepped out of HK custom area… ^_^

    • (and a non- existent PR publicist)« I shall need to bold this sentence..oh how I don’t like (almost hate) Hook’s PR! I hate the fact that they canceling drop box for gift in FM :'(

  11. from total dismay to LOL! hahaha. nice, anne! first thought seeing the pics: wow pecs and chest, then What The Hair!! how can one be impressed and distressed at the saMe time?

  12. Dear Ann..I just see that photo now, and I’m ranting even for now, that straight hair, no complain..but that fringe, why, why, why??? And just as I say: ‘Look, Ann LSGfan will rant for this just like me!’, and they answer: ‘she has!’, and present me this link..now where is his cody/makeup artists?..
    They deserve to get left at the airport, and I’m hoping Seung Gi doesn’t pick them up #sadist

  13. i know.. when i saw his mashroom hair… i got disppointed too..
    will he cut his hair later on?

  14. He looked kind of nerdy, lol. I like to think he is like Clark Kent who will transform into Superman with super good looking hairstyle when it is needed. Hope he will transform soon and rescue our lady Ann who is obviously in distress….

  15. lols on the equation on mushroon for Mario kinda return be back on my kids day..^^ so they call it Mushroom hairstyle?!count me in for those who is silently cursing his hairstylist.. :( as far as I want to LOVE SeungGi as the way he is still the perfectly nicely done hairstyle is a MUST! I dont get it wjy Hook Inc.(Stylist,cody etc) still did’ny get it.. I admired SeungGi for his personality and also so Proud being an Airen that always stick with him even on his bad hair days..haha
    I just concentrate on the hmm lower part after the hair part.. the build is oh lala..^^ fitted shirt SeungGi save my day..:D
    Dear Ann,please cheer-up!:) as of right now we cant do anything about it but to cringe and rant seeing those weird inaaproppriate hairstyle..:( unless you Go to Korea and teach the cody/stylist how SeungGi SHOULD be dressed up!:D

  16. I actually like the hairstyle viewed from certain angles…like the side profile or sideways…not the front..hehe, he looks refreshing like idol without strenghtening the out..but it looked a bit like combed hair, no?

  17. i wish for once seunggi sports a ‘stylish’ or trendy haircut…like maybe a little shaved at the sides, with more texture or layers..

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