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Activia fan signing event with Lee Seung Gi [July 2012]

[July 5, 2012].  Activia event and fan signing.  How can someone’s hairstyle change SO much from one day to the next?!  I loved his hairstyle and look this day!  This is his best hot-hairstyle look… in my book.  Messy with no part OR a left-to-right part.  And then mix things up a bit from there.  I’m not into the right-to-left part at all.  But the smiling face never disappoints!!!!  Love it!  So the fashion style look for the day…

Great summer casual suit ensemble!  Love the simple, slightly sheer, fashionably wrinkly white shirt!  Unbuttoned buttons at the top~~ yay!  Great cream colored pants, belt and shoes.   Would’ve loved a matching cream colored jacket (same color hues from top to bottom always have a taller, slimming effect).  But navy jacket was nice.  And who can complain when we get this kinda look from Seunggi…??!!  Hehehe.

Gag Concert lady Huh Anna was hilarious as MC.  LOL at her feather boa, just like from their previous Perioe CF!  She was really happy to see Seunggi again!

Loved all the fan photos from this event!  On days when Seunggi is well-styled from head to toe… gosh, I’m SO happy and in SUCH a good mood!  I wish all his events or outings could be more like this!  DISTRESSED LSGfan = not a good thing.  Makes me bust out unnecessary ‘effin’ language and tone!  Hehe.  (Sorry guys!)

Wahhhhh~~~~!!!!  I miss seeing this cheerful, smiling face regularly on tv!

Signing time.  Omg, this security dude looks super serious about guarding Seunggi!

Always amazed by the fans of all ages!  Kids, teens, young adults, your marrieds, ajummas, grandmas!  Love it!  But the little tots are just the cutest~~~

Aw~~~ this boy so cute.  Who’s the bigger fan?  Boy or his mom?!?!  And the hat with “Seung Gi” ears with hearts!  Aw.  Reminds me of little fanboy from 1N2D Viewers Special that pointed and called out ‘Lee Seung Gi’ as his fave member!

And middle and high school boys!  Aw, Seunggi hyung would be an awesome hyung!

Candids~~~~~  Wahhh~~~~  What’s not to love???!!!  I want to hug him here!

This event part was daebak!  Life-size Seunggi cardboard cut-out giveaways!

He was so amused and tickled standing next to his likeness cut-outs!  Too Cute!!

With personal signature.  LOL at LSG asking fans where they wanted him to sign!

Ok, I’m really curious…  where does one put a life-size Seunggi in their home?!

Reminds me of Strong Heart MC Lee Seunggi days.  Huhuhu…  Sorta miss that.

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver Blogs, Blogme

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2 Responses

  1. For me, I am more curious how they are going to bring back the life-size Seung Gi cutboard???
    Car if you own one?
    Or public transport (to show off?)?
    Or bring him to go shopping first before bringing back home? haha~ :P

    • Me too! If you see the Activia videos post, you’ll see that Seunggi’s really concerned as to how the winners will bring them home? He even asked one of the winners if they came by car. when she said she came by subway, he chuckled. And the MC teased him saying subway riders should be treated with seeing Seunggi too! (the lifesize cut-out, that is!) Really loved the photos and fancams from the Activia event! Seunggi being Seunggi!

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