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Lee Seung Gi impresses at Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day

[July 4, 2012]. Samsung T9000 Media Day.  Loved Seunggi during this presentation part!  Following the press photo session, the Media Day got started, and Samsung went all out.  Yup, and I was live-streaming too!  A fridge unveiling event??!!!  Omg, things Seunggi makes us do!  Ha, felt like I was doing some B-school assignment!  Good thing, livestream began with a message from Zipel endorsement model Seunggi and closed with his interview.   He looked simply awesome.  Articulate, charming, cute, impressing everyone per usual!

Samsung seriously knows how to put on impressive media events!  Sure, you have to have the goods to back it up too, which it does.  (Hook could really learn a thing or two!)  Samsung Electronics (division for all electronic products – home appliances, computing, mobile devices) has come a long way!  Especially in the US market!

Samsung Electronics President Yoon Bu Geun opened the Media Event…

He wasn’t a dynamic speaker type.  But he did his thing, seemed genuinely excited.  Maybe his energy was spent after the major press photo session with Seunggi and the fridge(!) from earlier on~~!!

Afterward, presentations from the Samsung publicist, fridge designer, others.  Pretty impressive stuff.  I was sold!  My mom would really love this fridge!

They showed the Zipel CF.  How embarrassing to watch your CF on the big screen with EVERYONE in the room and online together~!!  Aw, love it!

He killed it during his interview, as expected!  Always impressed by his nerves of steel!

Such a natural, good speaker!  (even if he tends to be wordy! hehehe)

Really like the way he uses his hands when talking!

Such a great eye-contact listener!

Lean on fridge pose time!  Omg, so embarrassing, yet so cute~~!!!!

Ha, he made it through the giggles and did his cool pose!  What a total pro!


Wahhhhh~~~~~~  Why so charming and cute~~~~????!!!!

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2 Responses

  1. He is one of those rare people who can block out the crowd and still be himself!

  2. So charming, uri Seung-gi!! <33333

    LsgFan, do you know the price for this spectacular fridge? Haven't seen anything that comes close to this beauty! o_O

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