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Unforgettable Olympics Torch Relay with Lee Seung Gi…

Not seeing (and missing) Seunggi can mess with our sense of time!  Wah~~~~ love these fan photos from the Olympic Torch Relay.  Seems like it’s been forever, but it was less than a month ago!  So glad we fans (on the grounds in Manchester AND around the world!) got to share this unforgettable, amazing special moment together with Seunggi!  Thanks to Samsung for choosing him!  They couldn’t have picked a better role-model 20s star to represent the determination, sincerity, affection, and multi-talents embodied within the nation of S. Korea and the spirit of the Olympics!

Looking straight at us~~~!!!!!  Good eye contact = Confidence and Respect!

Chatting with the crowd…

Remembering to wave to fans…

Proudly striking a pose…!! With his torch!  Which each of them got to take home!

I’m still loving the yellow Nikes!  Great fashion accessorizing~~!!!

Sorta nervous~~~??!!!  Sorta overwhelmed~~~??!!  I was afraid of heodang-ness!!!

Feeling super good and content… his eyes and expressions say it all~~!!!!

Aw~~~~  can’t help to always root for and want the best for this guy!!!

Images: As labeled, Naver, DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. To put it simply, LSG=<3!!

  2. There is no one like our Lee Seung Gi out there!!!!!! No one!

  3. I Love all the photos.. :) You’re the best Ann in compiling great photos. :) and SeungGi is the best celebrity for me…^^

  4. Omo, I thought I saw them all, but, as Sarah said, your compilation is fresh and great! Love to see him so happy and content! He must have felt very proud to be representing Korea (and Korea by him)! Also all the pictures give off a friendly vibe – men, women, Koreans, foreigners, he seemed very comfortable mingling with everyone. A great experience!

  5. thanks so much ann for these. You always have a fresh take on everything, thank you! So so proud of Seunggi wherever he goes. You’re right, can’t help wishing for him all the blessings that heaven can give.

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