So-called reporter Kim Yong Ho (김용호) cries out for help!

Hope our grounded and beloved Seunggi’s positive energy rubs off on Kim Yong Ho!

I don’t usually get into this kinda stuff, but wow…  I feel more very very sorry for this so-called reporter, rather than despising him.  Korean press writes crazy articles all the time, but this Kim Yong Ho (김용호) dude – twitter@charogne6 – really needs professional help!  Various K-sites say he’s got a notorious track record for regularly writing trashy toned, unsubstantiated articles, targeting popular stars and younger singers, and that Rain even had to sue the guy!  Such a sad way to live your life…

It’s one thing to write a critical article supported by reliable sources.  I may not agree with it nor like it but can accept it on its journalistic tone and merit.  It’s another thing to pen a blatantly obviously mean-spirited and toned article and make conclusions based on scant evidence and your own illogical conjectures.  Further evidence of the dude’s craziness… he was tweeting Anti-like  tweets about Seunggi and his fans with ㅋㅋ emoticons, relishing in the mass response to the article.  Omg, I really pray this ajusshi doesn’t have a wife and kids because that would just be so depressing.

ALL FANS of K-entertainment and K-celebs should come together and stop this kind of crazy, mean-spirited madness.  Don’t support nor glee with this so-called reporter, because you know he’s probably bracing for his next target.  K-entertainment and its stars don’t deserve to deal with more Anti-like consequences!  I sincerely hope Kim Yong Ho (김용호) gets professional help soon.  So sad to choose to live this way…

Images: DCLSG, LSGfan

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  1. I refused to read trash so don’t know what this guy was up to of late. It just sickens me to read someone called him a ‘famous reporter.’ That’s exactly what he wants to achieve, isn’t it? To get his name out there no matter how low he stoops. Like you said, really pathetic.

  2. OMG, Ann, this is hilarious! This guy seriously needs some professional help! We should tweet this to him and encourage him to seek help. :P

    • Ha, I seriously thought about it! But my rule is never to get involved with crazies. I really do feel sad for him that he actually finds giddiness in relishing in stuff like that. I really do hope he makes an appointment with a shrink asap… life is so much better and fulfilling when we love ourselves and are loved by others! :)

  3. Hi, could I find anywhere for the translation of his article which write about Lee Seung Gi? This is the link :

    Really appreciate if u may explain a bit about it, thanks in advance ^^ GBU

  4. i may regret this and totally ruin my day, but what did this sick dude say about seunggi?

  5. on second thought, yea. i remembered how badly i reacted against that actress who bet her hand about the ratings before so yea. i really miss seunggi on tv shows though. what a famine!!!

  6. So out of curiosity, I went to this guy’s twitter. Luckily I know some Korean, and from the Korean I could gather, more than being angry at his comments, I find him funny.
    1) His tweets against Seunggi and his fans, out of his 3K followers, no one retweets him! (okay, let’s have facts, there were probably some retweets, like, uhhh, 3?) Lest replies to his tweets (fine, there’s 1 or 2.)
    2) People who takes and will take him seriously are such jokes.
    3) What I find offensive are not the tweets, but the ㅋ and 쳇 on the end of his tweets. YOU DON’T SMIRK LIKE THAT, MR. “REPORTER”. HAVE YOU NOT HEARD ABOUT PRESS ETHICS? Oh, I forgot, he’s not even a true reporter, so why bother about press ethics, right? He can make use of learning some respect. It’s so pitiful how he doesn’t have any of that. Just show how “professional” he is with his job.

    Conclusion: He’s weird, a joke and needs to be put away and far from anything media-related before he makes any serious trouble. Thank God no one is taking him seriously. What an arse.

    Thank you LSGFan for this bit of article. He could even learn a thing or two from you about public and internet blogging (I categorize Twitter as a blogging site [micro]) And I also thank the guy for giving me a good laugh tonight. I feel sorry for him, but my evil twin says “he deserves all the hate thrown upon him. He induced it upon himself”.

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