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Gagman Kim Joon Hyun and Lee Seung Gi’s cute-funny chemistry in Perioe CF, plus Win Win talk

Awesome year for Gag Concert’s Kim Joon Hyun (32).  He’s Korea’s most buzzed about comedian right now.  And unlike most fat gagmen who are seen as hilarious, but not attractive per se, he’s shown a more manly, charming, cute side.  He’s also from a well-to-do family (always impresses Koreans!)  His father was behind several well-known variety shows as PD for KBS.  And Kim Joon Hyun attended one of the top prestigious, pricey high schools in Korea.

I wasn’t into Seunggi’s previous Perioe CF with that gagwoman lady.  Wanted a more non-comedic CF version next, but Koreans just love the LOL funnies!  And Seunggi and Kim Joon Hyun DO have great chemistry/contrast in this Perioe CF!  Ha…

Perioe 46cm White Now CF, version 1

KJH: That’s right, I’m fat.  LSG: Huh?
KJH: And my face is big.  LSG: Well…
KJH: But my smile is~~  LSG: Yellow.
KHJ: Yellow? (‘Nyu-ryeh?’ is a parody of expression ‘Geuh-ryeh?’)
LSG: Maintain 46cm for your teeth too. Perioe 46cm White Now.

English: LSGfan, Video: Leeseunggiworld

Perioe 46cm White Now CF, version 2

KJH: That’s right, I’m fat.  LSG: Huh?
KJH: And my face is big.  LSG: Well…
KJH: But my smile is~~  LSG: Yellow.
KHJ: Yellow? (‘Nyu-ryeh?’ is a parody of expression ‘Geuh-ryeh?’)
LSG: Maintain 46cm for your teeth too.
LSG: Oh, so dazzling! Perioe 46cm White Now. (I love the sunglasses!)

English: LSGfan, Video: Leeseunggiworld

I don’t know why they had Kim Joon Hyun dress up as a girl!  Koreans love that kinda stuff!  But Joon Hyun’s pretty pink outfit matches perfectly well with Seunggi’s white shirt and tie combo! Always love Seunggi’s facial expressions and reactions~~~!!

OMG, I bet Seunggi had a blast LOLing while filming this CF!  He’s a big fan of Gag Concert and the popular expression ‘Geuh-reh?’ (‘Really?’), so what’s not to love in this CF?!  Plus, Kim Joon Hyun continues to show LOTS of love for Seunggi…

He’s mentioned Seunggi in a recent press interview and most recently on KBS Win Win (which drew in one of the highest ratings for the show)…

On Win Win part 1, Kim Joon Hyun was asked about his many CFs these days, and whether he can sense his own popularity.  He said sometimes he pretends like he’s a top star.  He said he recently filmed a CF with Seunggi, and when he saw Seunggi’s big shiny van, he was like that’s so awesome.  Haha.  So his manager rented a humongous van for the day and they went cruising around like he was a top star!

Then on Win Win part 2 the following week, the MCs asked Kim Joon Hyun about his well-to-do upbringing.  His PD dad, his prestigious high schooling.  He was even president at his college… well, in his ‘major’ department!  Asked about ‘uhm-chin-ah’ used to describe him, Kim Joon Hyun said it’s burdensome.  Since his image doesn’t really fit that description, that when you hear ‘uhm-chin-ah’ you think of a clean-cut image, like that of Lee Seung Gi.  (ha, so true!)

Seriously, Seunggi should just agree to guest on Win Win!

I want to see a reunion of Seunggi and Kim Joon Hyun and the Gag Concert guys!  The 2011 Christmas Special was SO daebak!  ‘President’ Seunggi was awesome!  Love how the Gag guys bust out of character when Seunggi did the ‘geuh-ryeh’ part!…

LSG: How was it?  Did you enjoy [my singing?]
KJH: It wasn’t fun. (LOL)
LSG: Geuh-ryeh? (LOL) Was it that bad?!
KJH: Yes.

English: LSGfan, Video: natsitt133

Woah, Kim Joon Hyun’s really talented!  I get the appeal and charm, despite his hefty weight.  He completely charmed the not-so-easily-charmed MC Go Hyun Jung and the rest of the crowd, playing drums and singing on the ‘Go Show’~~~

(video: entertainmentSBS)

Images: Naver blog, LSGfan, Perioe

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One Response

  1. ZOMG, I got the feeling that I watch too many variety shows when I read this post. I’ve seen every single episode that you mentioned. And Go Show is currently my favorite talk show, with WW in second place (I’m sorry HT/CTP ;~;). I really enjoyed that episode of Win Win because we finally got to see the infamous Seo Soo Min PD.

    And I love Kim Joon Hyun!! I find myself 고~~~~~뤠??? with a smile every chance I get. It probably drives my family crazy. You forgot to mention that he’s also highly trained at kumdo (aka kendo), can play the guitar, and studied overseas ^^

    And I think they made Kim Joon Hyun a female because females are the ad’s target demographic… you know, since women are much more likely than men to spend money on cosmetics. Sigh… the pressures of being a female~~

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