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Lee Seung Gi is all smiles at Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day

July 4, 2012.  Samsung Zipel T9000 Media Day.  Seunggi has become so integral to the Samsung Zipel fridge brand image and marketing!  This year, Zipel’s 4-year endorsement model was elegantly suited and styled…  Whew!  Always love the skinny black tie!  (tailoring/fit always a tad off, but no complaints as long as we don’t get oversize ajusshi fits).  He looked great and was in major uhm-chin-ah mode!!!

Media and press were out in major full force~~~!!!!  Love it!

Samsung Electronics President, Yoon Bu Geun, and Seunggi posed with the new top of the line, super shiny, huge (and expensive!) Zipel T9000 fridge.  Seunggi always gives off that CEO in training like vibe~~!!!  But I think he and President Yoon are both wearing similar patterned pants!  Omg, what are the odds?!

Ok, this is one seriously nice fridge!  Gourmet style type with seamless fridge on top and freezer on bottom.  First of its kind among Korean brands.  The drawers even have individual temperature controls!  My mom would so love that feature!  And being able to put a whole watermelon or big cake in the fridge!

I get that Samsung’s Zipel fridges are high-end and luxurious but I never understood the full-evening gown attired models who always show up and strike a sexy pose!  They should just get Seunggi to strike that pose too!!!  I’d love to see this Zipel hot version Seunggi again!!!

Aw, Seunggi’s smile brightens my day!  Seeing the wine, I can’t help but to think The King 2 Hearts’ fridge kiss!!  Maybe that’s why he was laughing above??!!

Seunggi and President Yoon make their way to the formal presentation and interview part of the Samsung Zipel Media Day event (where Seunggi charms the crowd!)… Seunggi comes off more like the company president??!!!~~ So like King Lee Jaeha!

Press and Fan Images: Naver, As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for posting a details about Lsg please countinue to post..

  2. Old post the activia event too, can translate what they saying at the activia event , thanks a lot ?! Alway love reading your posts!! Been refreshing every for this!!

  3. Like prince Lee Seung Gi better than the models. He looks more elegant:0)

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