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Lee Seung Gi’s soothing Samsung Zipel CF voice [July 2012]

This time, Seunggi plays the role of sexy tempting Zipel fridge?!  Luring women with his “wide wide top” and “safe safe down”~~ OMG!  It’s awesome AND sorta hilarious!  His soothing and lulling voice is mesmerizing, and the CF has a cool fairytale feel.

Samsung Zipel T-9000 CF, 30 sec

WOMAN: One day, Zipel said to me…

LSG VOICE: I… was born for you. I’ll show you a completely different type of fridge. Wide~ Wide~ Top~  I’ll show you a completely different type of freezer. Safe~ Safe~ Down~ Your life will change.

WOMAN: Innovation for women, always begins with Zipel…

LSG VOICE: Samsung Zipel.

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo/Tryp96

The fridge has gone through many roles in the past 3 years while Seunggi’s been the CF model!  Previously, the fridge was more like a woman, and Seunggi was singing to it and showing love for it!  Now, Seunggi is the fridge, talking to women?!

A DCLSG fan posted this photo last week or so. and I thought it was so cute.  She had just bought BOTH the Kimchi fridge and the regular fridge and they were delivered to her home with Seunggi’s smiling face on the doors!  Hm, I guess she won’t be buying the new fridge model to be unveiled!  Korean moms really love their fridges!

But his black look seems so different from his previous pastel colors and all-white outfits for Zipel CFs.  It is the middle of summer!  Hope the black suit is made of light-looking material!  And hope we get a CF version with more Seunggi, and less fridge!

I just hope the 3 Stooges don’t screw things up for the upcoming Samsung media day!! Dear Hook-Hairstylist-Cody~~~ it will be a big media blitz! This IS Samsung after all! So, please don’t make me (a fan) want to throw rocks at my laptop screen while hurling a bunch of WTFs when clicking on the press photos! If so, I can only cringe to think what non-fans would be thinking… sigh. Please just stay away from anything AJUSSHI-ish!!! I can’t take it anymore!  It’s not that freaking hard, ok???!!!

Images: DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. I’m cringing too…hopefully it’s good, if not, I may throw rock as well while grab my screen and scream: WAE??!!

  2. i was laughing so, so hard at the english. But as usual, his voice was amazing.

    • LSG’s english is decent. Since it’s a CF meant for the Korean audience he has to use Konglish! If you know what I mean…

      • yeah i know what you mean. i’ve actually seen some clips of him speaking english and i must say his english is defintely a lot better than many of the korean artists.

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