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Lee Seung Gi, SNSD, So Ji Sup cheer for Olympic athletes

MCs: We have star messages cheering for a good outcome…

[Lee Seung Gi – Singer-Actor/Olympic Torchbearer]

LSG:  2012 London Olympics.  I hope all the many athletes maintain good condition and that you accomplish the results you desire and want.

Running Man Cast: South Korea~ Fighting!
LSG: Let’s go~ To London!
Go Hyun Jung: Let’s go~ To London!

SBS Anchors: South Korea’s national team!
So Ji Sup:  South Korea’s national team~ Fighting!
ALL: South Korea’s national team~ Fighting!

(Video: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan)

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Sneak peek: Lee Seung Gi’s new F/W 2012 Kolon Sport look!

Oooohhhh~~  Whoa.  No way.  Seunggi with a super cool hairstyle…  that actually fits him and looks great on him??!!   And that allows him to give off a 20-something vibe?!  Wow, what’s gotten into Hook, Hairstylist, Cody?!  LSG looks great in chic formal black skinny tie-jacket paired underneath fashionable gold puffy jacket with fur-trim hood!  Can’t wait to see the upcoming F/W Kolon Sport CF~~~

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Lee Seung Gi does presentation for Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000’

[July 17, 2012]  Shilla Hotel. Samsung Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000′ event for 200 VIP  Samsung Electronics premium members.   Seunggi did a presentation of the new fridge at the event, like talking product details and stuff!  He said he was nervous, since he couldn’t remember doing a formal presentation like this since college!  Aw, he did a great job!  As expected~~!!!

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Samsung Zipel’s Lee Seung Gi poses for ‘Sensation of T9000’

[July 17, 2012].  Shilla Hotel. Samsung Zipel ‘Sensation of T9000’ event for 200 VIP  Samsung Electronics premium members.  ‘Zipel’s Man’ Seunggi looked totally put together and like a million bucks for the elegant event.  So refined and handsome.  And adorable and cute at times.  Especially loved these daebak expressions…

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Heritory Lee Seung Gi fan signing in Bucheon [July 2012]

[July 6, 2012] Fan signing event with Seunggi at the Heritory store in Bucheon. Wish there were more clear photos from this event.  Love the plaid shirt with navy blue jacket.  Even Manager-nim outfitted in Heritory too, in striped Lee Jae Ha cardigan~~

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Sneak peek: Seunggi for Heritory F/W 2012 CF shoot

Yay, fall fashion season is coming soon~~!!  And Heritory is going all-out traditional British concept for their upcoming Fall/Winter CF and prints…  includes extra models decked out in memorable iconic British costumes~~  the policeman, older gentleman in suit-hat-umbrella, the cricket player, and maybe the palace guard?  Interesting…  Glad they chose to fashion Seunggi in regular everyday stylish Brit-influenced wear!!

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Photographer Oh Joongseok tweets ‘Seunggi and me’ photo

* Just noticed Oh Joongseok also photographed Seunggi for December 2010 Ceci. Now it makes sense why Mr. Oh referred to Seunggi in a casual, informal way in his tweet.  Aw, glad they got to work together again!

Gorgeous backdrop.  Simply lovely.  So natural.  Just like our Seunggi Lee… Love Photographer Oh Jongseok’s photo tweet!  Can’t wait to check out the pages of my fave magazine, Instyle’s September edition.  For my fave fall fashion season!  Really hope twitter@geniusoh has more goodies during Seunggi’s stay in Hong Kong this week~~!!

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