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Lee Seung Gi supports ‘Beautiful Internet World’ via JoyNews

Hi, I’m Lee Seunggi. I’m greeting you by video message to show my support for Ah-In-Sae.  It’s a campaign to create a ‘Beautiful Internet World,’ in collaboration with JoyNews and the Korea Internet and Security Agency. 

In the same way our Nation is an active leader in IT, it would be great if together, we can create a beautiful internet world.  I myself, Lee Seung Gi, am also participating in this campaign.  Rather than malicious criticism, it would be great if we could be respectful.  When you leave comments online, let’s do so in a warm and encouraging way so each and every one of us can create a beautiful internet world. This is Lee Seung Gi and I hope you all will show a lot of support for Ah-In-Sae.

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

The Ah-in-sae Campaign, is sponsored by the Korea Communications Commission and the Korea Internet and Security Agency.  Started in 2010, girlgroup T-ara is serving as current honorary ambassador.  So, Seunggi’s participation is specifically for press outlet JoyNews’ participation in the  Beautiful (Ah-leum-dah-oon) Internet (In-ter-net) World (Sae-sang).

I melt! when he participates in public service campaigns!  He is as close as perfect (as celebs come!) for this kinda stuff!  I don’t think he could leave a malicious online comment even if he wanted to… he’d feel too guilty!  hehe.  Me = the same!

I can be excused for calling Hook, Cody, and Hairstylist crazy, incompetent, and stupid?!  I see it as semi-constructive (and they don’t even care about my fashion and style pleas and heartache anyway!).  Plus, I always preface with positive comments of they ‘do a lot of good things but…!’  I’m really trying to cool it some, so hope Seunggi forgives me!!!

We can still be critical, truthful, and defensive, but I’m totally 100% with Lee Seunggi on trying to make a Beautiful Internet World a reality!  Especially with all the mean and jealous netizen crazies out to trash and ruin other people unfairly, just for their own sad selves!!  Hancinema: Lee Seung-gi to become cyber safety cop

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7 Responses

  1. aww, he’s just so lovely! Love that he keep himself in check re ego issues by volunteering and public service. I read in one of the ten interviews he did that last yr as a solo MC on SH when he started getting the royal treatment he had step back, introspect, & analyze things that were important to him. Hence, he values doing variety and respects KHD and YJS! ahhh, some of these idols should take leaf out of his book! I hope he continues to remain humble!!

  2. Was over at tryp96’s and read the post where Seung-gi’s in the limelight due to his Olympic torch relay run. It occurred to me that we worry a lot about Hook’s mismanagement and rightly so. But, somehow it’s LSG’s sincerity and humbleness that’s palpable to his viewers that his star’s been on the rise ever since he debuted. [Still mad at Hook for tweeting minutes before his run…like, really!!]

    He has never actively aimed to be THE popular one. He continues to do his thing and it rubs off on other people in the right way. Just reading positive fan accounts of his Polish and English fans makes me just so happy for him. This trip must’ve done wonders to his confidence and him realizing that he has a good fan following internationally. Yayyyyy!

  3. Lee Seung Gi ^^______^^ forever!!!!!

  4. Do you think that .. Seung Gi should establish their own companies and become a great CEO is not? He is trying to learn and accumulate knowledge .. Hook has owned him for 8 years and not make a lot of him to Asia. He was a good boy so after joining the army, he will be free to act as his wish. I believed that my way .. Let’s think of something like mild!

    • I don’t think it’s his goal in life to become superstar of Asia. (i love him all the more for that!) i think he’s too practical, sensible for that. he’s said he wants to continue doing the things he likes, getting better at stuff, and learning new things.

      Hook drives me crazy, but I never felt he should leave them. just want captain hook to bring in some young people to help her out. she’s same age as teacher lee sunhee and has only prior experience managing teacher’s singing career (a very accomplished one, but not like current kpop scene.). it’s like she uses the same not-meant-for-a-25-yr-old-hot-star concepts in managing Seunggi.

      and managing and brokering deals for an actor is something different than managing a singer. especially when many actors belong to bigger established acting management companies. and are cast along with other company actors.

      but since LSG’s the main star hook manages, i guess there’s more pluses than negatives. discovered and trained by teacher sunhee, so as long as she’s with hook, he’d prob never leave. but i dont’ known later on, sometimes ppl have to take some risks in life… to grow… especially with actors. a lot of K-actors switch managements and enjoy more opportunities and success aftereward. he says his big flaw is just completely trusting and following along with ppl he really admires and respects. and if hook is anything like typical korean mom figures (as much as i love my mom), they’re really good at convincing you that they’re right! :)

      • I noticed the part about too trusting in his interview and I wondered what, or whom, he was referring to. But he also said elsewhere that he could be very stubborn, that once he set his mind on something he would go ahead despite advice otherwise. Very intriguing…

  5. Please keep voting Your King is in 2nd place / Porfavor siguan votando Su Rey esta en segundo lugar http://global.mnet.com/choice/rating.m?choiceLang=en

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