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[TVN Taxi cut] Model Hye Park’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

I love Hye Park!  We should tweet her – twitter.com/iam_hyepark – and tell her she has great taste in guys!  (She speaks English too!)  I love her not just because she really likes our Seunggi (that’s a plus too!) but she’s just so cool, carefree, and honest…

She’s ranked as one of the top models both world-wide and in Korea.   She’s 27, but married young at 23.  She and husband have a great relationship…  when actor Josh Hartnett texted her to do dinner sometime, she texted back she’d love to and that she would bring her husband too! LOL.  Hm, she never got a return text.  Plus, he’s cool with her admiration for Seunggi! (well, since husband’s ideal type is Lee Yeon hee).   So girls, there’s hope that our future husbands will support LSG fangirling~~!!

TAXI cut – Hye Park talks Lee Seung Gi (plus Kim Hyun Joo cut)

[June 20, 2012] TVN ‘Taxi’ – Model Hye Park’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

MC: What are your favorite songs?
HyePark: Well, because I like Lee Seung Gi…
MC: You like Lee Seung Gi?
HyePark: He’s… my ideal type.  I like him the most and he’s the person… you could say, that I most want to meet.
MC: Even though your husband is right by your side?!
HyePark: Yes. My husband knows that I really like Lee Seung Gi. It’s okay because my husband likes Lee Yeon Hee! (LOL)
MC: Do you want to do a fashion shoot with [Lee Seung Gi]?
HyePark: That’s really my wish.
Caption: Seunggi-shi, let’s do a fashion shoot together…

[June 13, 2012] TVN ‘Taxi’ – Actress Kim Hyun Joo wants to act with younger men like Lee Seung Gi and Kim Soo Hyun

HyunJoo: [I’d like to also act with] younger guys too.
MC: Who?
HyunJoo: There are many.
MC: Lee Seung Gi…
HyunJoo: Yes Yes!
MC: Kim Soo Hyun…
HyunJoo: Yes Yes!  Like those guys. A relationship as an older woman – younger man couple. I think I could do a really great job!
MC: Oh is that so?!

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

I loved how Hye Park talked about Seunggi.  Sincere and honest, refreshing and sweet.  Wonder what he thought when he saw all the news about it the next morning.

Enewsworld: Model Hye Park Desperately Wishes to Work with Lee Seung Gi

Allkpop: Model Hye Park is a huge fan of Lee Seung Gi

Hye Park’s vibe sorta reminds me of Shin Minah.  They’re both gorgeous stylish fashionistas, yet honest and carefree (with close friends).  More reserved vs. super talkative types. And seem to prefer guys like Seunggi(!) vs. the showy and bad guy types.  All of a sudden I really miss our Hoi Couple! huhuhu.

Watch entire episode at – Dailymotion – TAXI with Hye Park.

It was cute when she said she was more nervous doing a fashion shoot with Rain, than with Josh Hartnett.  Gosh, Rain is so likeable.  I think it’s hard not to like him!  She’s also good friends with Hyori because they both share a love for animals and doing related charity work.  And when asked about celeb friends, she said Kim Suro (Gentleman’s Dignity), and the MC guy actually called him (since he’s good friends with him and Jang Dong Gun).

So  Seunggi mentioned twice.  Kim Hyun Joo (35) was the one who made and gave MC Seunggi that little Christmas tree gift at the Strong Heart special.  She was sweet.

More Strong Heart connections…  The TAXI female MC is veteran gagwoman Lee Young Ja…  MC Seunggi serenaded on Strong Heart, bringing her to tears!  Remember, he was wearing that amazingly tight-fitted vest-shirt outfit!! Hehehe.

I’d love to see Hye Park – Seunggi do a fashion spread!!  But WITHOUT Crazy Cody involved!  Hope this Europe trip awakens Seunggi’s (and Cody’s) fashion senses!!!

Images: Naver/LSGfan

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  1. haha. hye park is so cute! and i love her husband!the couple has a good taste. seunggi and yeonhee. anyways.seunggi is really not difficult to like but this time,his charms reached the runway! and i miss the hoi couple too.. like i started watching the drama again. well.hope we can see them on the year end ceremony amidst the heavy competition kim soo hyun’s drama brings. ha

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