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Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi preps, smiles and jogs in Rochdale, Manchester!

June 23, 2012.  Rochdale, Manchester.  Congrats to Seunggi for completing his part in the Olympics torch relay!  While looking so handsome, jogging perfectly, flashing his winning smile, and waving to fans who made it (even despite being told NO ONE would be allowed, that the area would be closed off! Ok, whatever).  It was probably super nerve-wracking, so great job Seunggi!  You make fans so proud and happy!

VIDEO – Arriving in Rochdale, Manchester

(video: Tryp96)

Love Love Love Love the bright yellow Nikes!  Niiiice!  I want to see this interview!

Actually, I’m super curious to hear what these 2 guys are saying below…!!!

Aw~~~~  Appreciating the love and support!!!

Rochdale, Manchester and the Samsung Supporters crew rock!!!!

Aw! So cute. What’s up with all the grabbing of Seunggi all the time???!!!

VIDEO – Fancam, Seunggi’s torch relay start

(video: feef08)

VIDEO – Seunggo’s torch relay live (Let’s Go on Vacation version!)

(video: chobi1213)

Ok, I’m really really trying NOT to totally hate on Hook (and Cody) as much anymore, but seriously, WTF????!!!!  I’m starting to think that Captain Hook may really be a crazy!

  • Why the heck is K-star Lee Seunggi’s name and info NOT posted on the official London2012.com/torchbearers??!!  While other Korean torchbearers (regular working people) are listed with a photo, name, and story??!!  Hello Hook, that is YOUR job as Seunggi’s management to check on all that!
  • Fine, let’s say it was for security and safety reasons per Samsung’s statement early on, since LSG is a celeb torchbearer.  Ok, understandable.  But Hook, it’s YOUR job to make sure the official live streaming sites have Seunggi’s info and story at the time of his run so they can do a proper shout-out.  It’s not like people get this type of opportunity everyday!  Sheesh…

I cannot freaking believe the BBC – Torch Relay live stream live text during Seunggi’s run… WTF?!  Really, the Korean girl who’s a mentor (no offense against her) gets a full description and the other Korean runners are mentioned with links to their bios and photos, and the text during Seunggi’s run is~~~  “Running now is Seung Gi Lee.  Fabulous yellow torch relay trainers.”  I’m going to fault Hook on this…

OMG, Hook that’s your job to get this text person Seunggi’s info beforehand, or whatever you want them to mention!  Wow, beyond me how crazy lady Hook could let such an awesome opportunity pass by like that!  At least kudos to the texter for highlighting Seunggi’s awesome yellow Nikes! *sigh*

Sure, there will probably be press coverage the next morning and all, but still…

Sometimes, I really wish Seunggi would go all Lee Jaeha on Hook and demand more from the crazy lady.  Like, hello… I deserve A-list management representation!!!  But probably won’t ever happen, since genuinely sincere and thankful Seunggi is who he is.  I guess we should be happy he’s so real and awesome like that, but that’s WHY I despise Hook even more, for not doing their part of the work!

Anyway, great job today Seunggi~~~~!!!!  You really make fans so proud!!!

Images:  DCLSG

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9 Responses

  1. Agreed! Why did Seung Gi’s info and bio not posted on the official site is beyond me! It is a miracle that SG comes this far with this kind of representation. He really deserves more.

    • Agreed about LSG making it this far with the inadequate & questionable publicity by Hook. I just think LSG’s sincerity & talent shines through and THIS is what attracts people to him. And, THIS is why fans continue to support him despite being frustrated with Hook.

      I think this entire trip must be an eye-opener for Seung-gi that despite not being an ‘idol’ he does have a decent international fan following. According to one fan account at Warsaw airport, he was not only surprised but also shy and embarrassed with the fans’ attention & them seeking him out for autographs.

  2. So I’m not the only one! I’m sorry but Hook can be so stupid. They should tell them to put his info and picture on the official torchbearer website now. since it’s over. that way people can search his name and find him! Come on Hook!

  3. I was looked for whole BBC web but could not find even small detail about our LSG . That’s really made me curious what was this mean ???

    • BBC at least did their part, as would be expected of a top-notch outlet like BBC — Seunggi was mentioned in this article. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18554247

      They mentioned Seunggi as — “Lee Seung Gi, one of Korea’s top actors, was among a number of Korean torchbearers on Saturday. He took the torch through Rochdale.”

      Olympics and torch relay correspondents, bloggers, reporters have way too many people (international, at that!) and things to cover. The same with Samsung, as one of the 2 big sponsors along with Coke for the torch relay; they are way too busy with stuff.

      It’s Hook’s job as Seunggi’s management to put out a press release, or get the info to the media people. There’s NO excuse! It’s just so unbelieveable… like i really wonder what goes on crazy lady hook’s head.

      • Hopefully she actually has PR personnel to handle the publicity, etc. If not, somebody should pitch this idea to her soon. smh

  4. thanks Ann and your back!!! Agree to all of you guys..This kind of event is one in a lifetime event & will be a part of history but Hook didn’t even bother to step up & do their job well. Hook really is just to small to play on the BIG league, but with Seunggi in their management they need to learn it by heart..co’z Seunggi’s popularity is undeniable in any parts of the world..

  5. I think Samsung should be the one to blame the most. They choose LSG as their model but didn’t even put his detail on Olympic website. And didn’t inform any detail about him at all. Don’t get me wrong but this is a big event and I don’t think Hook can do much here.

    • As Seunggi’s management company, Hook’s priority #1 job is to do everything they can in LSG’s favor. That includes, representing him, doing public relations for him, negotiating for him, fighting for him. It’s Hook’s job to follow-up with Samsung to get the matter taken care of, and do everything in their effin power for Seunggi’s best interest. That’s not Samsung’s job to follow up with Hook.

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