Fans greet Lee Seung Gi from Korea to Poland [2012.06.20]

My undying love for fancams!  Especially set to music or videos with lotsa screaming from excited fans!  And the international Airens in Poland who greeted Seunggi at the Warsaw Airport are seriously awesome!  He seemed  so touched! Aw~~!!

FANCAM – Arrival at Warsaw Airport. Set to Wonder Girls’ Like this!  Omg, loves it!

(video: KlaudynaXD)

FANCAM – More of sweet Seunggi and awesome fans!  International Airens rock!

(video: EiriKaori)

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Lee Seung Gi summer suit airport fashion, Korea [2012.06.20]

Back-tracking a few days…  before Seunggi’s Olympic Torch Relay in Manchester.  June 20, 2012.  Seoul, Incheon Airport.  En route to England for the Olympic Torch Relay via Warsaw, Poland to watch the Euro 2012 Czech v Portugal soccer match.

THE LOOK:  Light colored jacket-pants suit ensemble with simple, stylish pocket white t-shirt and dark brown formal shoes.  Chic snake or crocodile skin bone-colored messenger bag and a super nice black-faced gold watch.  And looking VERY manly…

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Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi preps, smiles and jogs in Rochdale, Manchester!

June 23, 2012.  Rochdale, Manchester.  Congrats to Seunggi for completing his part in the Olympics torch relay!  While looking so handsome, jogging perfectly, flashing his winning smile, and waving to fans who made it (even despite being told NO ONE would be allowed, that the area would be closed off! Ok, whatever).  It was probably super nerve-wracking, so great job Seunggi!  You make fans so proud and happy!

VIDEO – Arriving in Rochdale, Manchester

(video: Tryp96)

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Handsome Lee Seung Gi leaves Lowry Hotel for torch relay!

Seunggi’s torch relay is soon (2:44 BST)!  I’ve got both BBC and live streams up!  But WTF with Hook and Samsung announcing just a few hours ago that NOW, fans can watch LSG run, while for weeks leading up to this, they said it would be closed off so fans can’t get in?!?!  Well, Seunggi is sporting good hair, so I’m just happy about that!  Hope it stays in place while he jogs!  LOL.  I don’t even mind his thicker/heavier than needs to be (but stylish) jacket!  This K-blogger said her husband is a torch bearer so she flew to Manchester with him.  She was hoping to see Seunggi too, but figured she wouldn’t get a chance…

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