Olympic torchbearer Lee Seung Gi arrives in Manchester

Couldn’t miss out on our torchbearer’s special day in Manchester!  So LSGfan is back online (after a brief offline protest of Hook, Cody, and Hairstylist).  And based on Seunggi’s Europe photo and news travel log… *sigh*  Who do I despise more?!?!~ Hook or Cody?!  They’re both ridiculous and clueless.  Airens spread awesome LSG fandom while Hook’s nonexistent, uncool PR and promotions are… *double sigh*

Despite the continuous inexplicable fashion and style sabotage from the 3 Stooges(!), much love to the amazing Airens and world fans for capturing our LSG’s lovely smile for the rest of us!  Seeing him so happy and having fun makes me super duper happy too!  Can’t wait to live stream his torch relay jog…   Per Tryp, Seunggi’s scheduled to run at 2:44 BST.  Yay, 9:44am EST in the USA!!  I’m excited and nervous!!!  The sporty  torchbearer uniform should fit his body perfectly, so Hairstylist… please don’t screw things up on your end for LSG’s world-wide moment~~~~!!!!

London2012.com – Torch Relay live stream

BBC – Torch Relay live stream


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