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[Fanmade MVs] Lee Seung Gi – The King 2 Hearts’ Lee JaeHa

From Prince to King, feat. Jaekang and Hangah [2 Hearts MV – Echo]
Omg, I LOVE this Lee Jaeha fanvid!  He breaks my heart and makes me smile…

(video: umnise1/ajewell82)

More awesome fanmade MVs… Lee Seung Gi as King Lee Jaeha.  Gosh, I forget how Seunggi had to play such a range of emotions, and in so many different contexts…

Immature WOC camp days.  Losing his beloved brother.  Thrust into becoming king.  Falling in love and separated from Hangah.  Dealing with crazy Bongku.  Losing his most trusted right-hand man Shikyung.  Constant negotiating with politicians all over the world.  Eventually brokering peace and preventing war, together with Hangah…

Whew~~~!!!!  (Despite Writer Hong’s lack of detailed attention in properly developing the Jaeha character, script-wise!) Seunggi did such a great job~~!!!!

Lee Seung Gi as The King Lee Jae Ha
Wah~~~ Pissed off, scared, worried, sweet… so many emotions…

(video: leeseunggi01)

Lee Jaeha – TK2H Ep 8 [Love is Crying, K.Will]
One of my fave scenes! Jaeha assumes role of king, remembering his brother…

(video: chobi1213)

Lee Jaeha & Kim Hangah – TK2H Ep 8 [Missing You Like Crazy, TaeYeon]
Another fave scene! Jaeha breaks down over his brother, is comforted by Hangah…

(video: chobi1213)

Lee Jaeha & Kim Hangah [I should go]
When things were less complicated… Jaeha-Hangah falling in love…

(video: PeaceFeathers)

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6 Responses

  1. Ann, this is a great MV made by a fan.

    • This video is already my top fave of Jaeha-Hangah. I already posted it here:

      TK2H production team should use the video in its DVD promotions later on! It’s truly amazing and gives me goosebumps!

      And the one at the top of this post, is my fave so far of Lee Jaeha storyline. I cry and smile, and feel Jaeha when watching it! The fan picked the best scenes to tell the story of how Jaeha became king, through the death of his brother, through sadness and loss of the people he loved, and the strength and love of Hangah.

      all this makes me miss TK2H all over again!

      • Oh right, how can I forget that you’ve already posted that? I even read that post and watch the videos. I think I really need to get a rest for a while (I’m diligently voting on mnet these days like crazy ;) )

        I love the first video, too. We can see Seung gi’s range of emotion and feel what he felt. It’s as if we’re there to witness his ups and downs.

        Miss TK2H, as well.

  2. is there no way of watching the echo mv again ? does anyone know who uploaded it ? it was my fav i regret so much not downloading it :'(

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