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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 19: Amusement park date [Stills + BTS]

The drama’s over, but I still have a few more TK2H posts left…  and if the competitive MNET 20s Choice voting works in our favor (please!), we may see King Jaeha and Queen Hangah sooner than later!  It must be weird for them to have spent so much time together filming the final episodes, and then not see or talk to each other at all afterwards…  I’d feel sorta empty.  Good thing they’re both busy.  These BTS and stills are SO cute, playful, romantic, huggy, kissy~~~  It must’ve felt like a REAL date~~~ I would love my guy to close down a park just for me and our date!

Totally Korean-style super cheesy~~~~!!!!!  But still awwwww~~~~~~!!!!

Hot Hot Hot~~~!!  Close-up is even way better…!!!!

The King 2 Hearts, Ep 19: Date kiss [BTS photos + Gifs]

OMG, I love these BTS photos…  So touchy and frisky! Hahaha.  Whoa…

Safari tour~~!!!  So cute and romantic at the same time!!!

The park ride scene.  OMG, their expressions (esp Seunggi!) so HILARIOUS!!!

Aw, you two are just too cute together~~!!!!  How can we not love you??!!

Hehehehehe~~~~~  Seunggi so cute!

Aw~~~~~ the hug scene!  So sweet…

Images: MBC

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One Response

  1. I really wish we could see even a bit of the BTS of this Everland kiss scene. That kissing photo position above can’t be found in the actual scene….lol… So, I assumed there was a lot more to this kiss scene. Am sad we can’t take a little peek at how they reacted after the kiss scene.

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