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Seunggi’s 8-year debut anniversary phototweet from Hook

Um, while NOTHING beats Seunggi’s smile… I SO want to hack into Hook’s lame twitter account and kidnap the person (perhaps Hook!) in charge of the phototweets!  Maybe I’m the only one wishing for more natural feel, non-staged background looking, less formal and laid-back, fun and totally cute Seunggi photos~~ like this one…!!!

Hook’s phototweet, June 5, 2012

Lee Seung Gi sshi celebrated his 8th debut anniversary on June 5, 2012~ ^^ Because of so many people’s warm-hearted congratulations, he’s very grateful and wants to share his happiness with the fans~ Please always be with Lee Seung Gi sshi in the years ahead~!!

English: Tryp96

Why does Hook always speak for Seunggi?!  I actually like that Seunggi doesn’t have his own twitter, but I’d love to see Hook just post a quick video tweet of Seunggi saying thanks to fans.  That would be so way better than Hook telling us what Seunggi feels!

Anyway, congrats Seunggi~~~!!!!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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8 Responses

  1. Seung gi wanted to have his own tweeter, but the reporters always steal his photos and uploaded on internet for every citizen to see it..

  2. Totally agreed. A personal touch with the tweeter is so much better than Hook telling us what Seung Gi feels. Congratulations, dear Seung Gi and many more success to come!

  3. I couldn’t agree less with you Ann we should hack & attack Hook ASAP to stop their stupidity..hahaha.. bt before that i just want to know i like your choice of pic.. Simple yet natural Seunggi, if im not mistaken this one was from one of 1n2d epi Mt. Baekdu..

  4. He looks SO adorable in the second pic. Does anybody know when it was taken?

    • Right??!!! One of my fave. but it’s not a photo, is’s a screencap from 1N2D in 2008. He looks great, but I like it lots bc it’s what you call a REAL selca! fun, playful, different, natural, unposed! (um, hello, Hookent3 twitter!!!) although, in reality, selcas are usually totally planned and posed by celebs to get the best shot! ha, LSG would never think to do that!

      he’s not that young anymore, so I like him looking more mature, but really hate when they style him looking like an ajusshi! and then hook picks THOSE photos to tweet!

      • gahhh, he looks like a puppy in that screencap….just wanna squish him!! hahaa.

        I’m a new Seung-gi fan and when I started frequenting your blog I was taken aback with your strong dislike towards his mgmt. I thought to myself….w/o the help of Hook how could he possibly have gotten SO big. But, I was wrong…this guy’s just THAT awesome and he’d have made it big without a huge backing. Sure, Hook musta helped him but I wish they would spend major bucks on making him look as gorgeous as he is. It’s like they purposely make him ‘uglier’. ughhhh, his hair in that first pic….my eyes!! Why, Seung-gi, why?!! You’re old enough to have a say in your grooming. :/

        His look in TK2H was awesome!! Who has drilled into his head that he should be ‘covering up’ his tall forehead?!

        As for your: “he’s not that young anymore…” Sure he’s not a teen but he’s only 25 (26 Kor age)!! I have no qualms with him alternating between the cute and hawt looks as long as it’s done well! But, looks like Hook wants to MAX out his cutesy image for his noona/ajumma fans. :S ughhh…

        Thank you for providing us with updates on our fave Korean guy! :D

  5. OMG love the sec pic! SO natural and delectable! He looks like a soft serve on a Winter’s day with beautiful luscious raspberry lips! The pic reminds me of the macaroon lip balm ad – SWEET! Haven’t popped in for a whilst, but still loving ya site – cute as a cupcake on a hot, sweety day! Btw why don’t you have Brilliant Legacy on ya site? It’s one of the best K-dramas ever! Just like Lee Seung Gi himself – a brilliant legacy – for all to feast on, yum yum!

  6. Làm sao tôi có thể nói được điều này..Seung Gi nên thành lập công ty của riêng mình. Hook thật sự không mang lại cho anh sự thành công toàn cầu..Seung Gi có thể lớn mạnh hơn thế nữa. Trang phục biểu diễn của anh ấy cũng là một vấn đề bản cải.
    Kỷ niệm 8 năm debut tôi thành tâm chúc mừng anh ấy..Hãy bay cao và bay xa hơn nhé! Đừng có bạn gái trong lúc này nhé!..Dành thời gian học hành, tích lũy kiến thức, bạn sẽ là một CEO, một nhà lãnh đạo nổi tiếng hơn nữa trong tương lai. Nụ cười của bạn đã nói lên tất cả.

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