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Hope Seunggi eats lots of healthy Activia and gets some rest!

Dear Hook~~ I would really like to see Seunggi well-rested, laid-back, smiling bright like above ASAP!  That’s your job, as his management agency, to monitor his well-being 24/7, making sure to schedule in things like mind and body treatment, care, and rest!  In addition to any other details… that’s why celebs have agents, managers, stylists, handlers, etc!!

(Honestly, what agency would schedule someone’s very first Japan concert like one week after wrapping a 20-episode super emotional drama?!?!  Even though, of course, Seunggi was able to pull it off!!!)

Anticipating Seunggi’s 25-year old(!) lovable, carefree, smile and look again soon!

Images: Activia

3 Responses

  1. i really hope that he can do a variety show. cause i think this is the only way that he can enjoy himself for the sake of full schedule…….

    HOPE THE BEST for SEUNGI oppa !!!!

  2. Sadly, that’s not the end of it. According to trp96 he currently has a full schedule in Korea upon returning from his concert. :/

    Just saw his pix when he promoted in Japan in March…he looked so fresh-faced then and now during IU’s concert I noticed his skin was acting up!! ughhh….i hope he can take a 2-week vacation and relax!!

  3. He really looks very fresh and handsome in this pic. In his Japan concert, I noticed that he looked tired. Poor boy. Really hope he takes a good rest. Maybe, we fans should plan a kidnapping. Bring him to a secluded, but beautiful island with just a few staff, so that he can rest.

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