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Lee Seung Gi’s Budokan concert in Tokyo~ Daebak wishes!!

Dear Seunggi~~!!! Have an awesome concert!!!!  Hope you didn’t stay up practicing too much!  And that you got good rest, despite your endless, crazy schedule!  Rooting for Singer Lee Seung Gi FTW!  Dear awesome Airen fans who traveled to Japan (and those who are stalking the fans who went!)~~ you guys are the bestest fans ever!!!  Pretty please let him show up on stage outfitted similar to above photo concept!!

Image:  As labeled, Twitter

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8 Responses

  1. Dear Seunggi..have a good time at ur concert! goodluck! Airens love u a lot!!!! :)

  2. Uri Seung Gi fighting! Japan 1st concert daebak!

  3. I also heard The King 2 Hearts will be shown in Japan soon (August?). Hopefully the drama will broaden Seung Gi’s fan base there as well. Seung Gi, fighting!!!

  4. Fighting Seung gi!!!!!!!

  5. I want to read the best news about his concert. Lee seung gi is the greatest star!

  6. Seung Gi sang Love is Crying!!!!

    Read live updates and song list at Tryp96 blog!!!!

    I want to be there with seung gi!

  7. Concert ended… read tweet updates at lsgairenint twitter!


  8. I went!!! It was awesome!!!
    He is such a great, yet humble and hard-working artist!!!
    Have to plan for the one end of this year now :)

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