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Lee Seung Gi’s sweet flowers and cake event for Ha Ji Won

The King 2 Hearts has really ended and no more Jaeha-Hangah starting today??!!  Wanted to post this a while back…  from one month ago, when Seunggi surprised Jiwon with flowers and a personalized cake, since he was unable to attend her ‘As One’ movie premiere.’  Jiwon was said to have been super surprised and touched, that she was like a happy little girl and even shed some tears.   Aw.  Seunggi is always SO sweet and thoughtful, personalizing things.  His cake message to Jiwon…

This generation’s top actress Ha Ji Won
I’m happy that I can be together with you
‘Korea’ Fighting
From Lee Seung Gi

I’m so used to seeing Jaeha-Hangah together, I’ll have to get used to seeing them apart in real life.  Huhuhu.  So this is what each of them were up to yesterday…

King Lee Jaeha (Lee Seunggi) looking like his royal self, met with the real-life South Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang Shik at the 2012 KB Good Job Fair!  With a 90 degree bow!!  Probably apologetic for cussing out the Prime Minister character and revealing the dirty politics on The King 2 hearts!!  Aw, hope the PM was understanding!

And Queen Hangah (Ha Jiwon) was her typical fierce but sweet fashionable self, arriving at the airport en route to Mexico, for a magazine fashion shoot…

More BTS photos from Seunggi’s sweet surprise cake event for Jiwon…  I’m really going to miss these two lots!  Not only because Jaeha-Hangah were so loveable, but because Seunggi and Jiwon have been so sweet and awesome off-set too.  Anticipating what they’ll say in their post-interviews later on.

Images:  Naver, DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. I hope Hangah comes to Jaeha’s December concert!

  2. Aha couple has parted but they will remain good pals. I wish LSG every success in his coming concert and pretty HJW, rest well and get ready for your new action movie as a Musketeer. I hope to see her in her cute, pretty and sexy image again on screen!

  3. Love Aha couple so much

    SG ya, what kind of gift that you gave to HHJ since she as a narrator in your own song “Time for Love”, just curious coz i think i never read/watch that HHJ speak out to the press that she get a present from LSG :)

    any way happy 8th debut anniversary to you, wishing you ALL the BEST, and GBY

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