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Lee Seung Gi’s real-life kingly aura [2012 KB Good Job Fair]

More press photos from the 2012 KB Good Job Fair~  Fangirls, Fanjummas, Fanboys stalk the ribbon-cutting ceremony, scoping out the place, trying to get a glimpse…

Hehe, Seunggi looks kinda nervous??!!  Well, those ARE some high-ranking officials!

Photo time prior to ribbon-cutting~~

Seunggi, Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang Shik, Yuna.

LOVE the expressions on both Yuna and Seunggi’s faces when looking down at their scissors!  Hehe, so different and unique in their own ways!

Seunggi’s expression is too cute.  You can tell he really admires Yuna, like that of an older brother to a younger sister.  I keep forgetting he has REAL-LIFE younger sister.

OMG, I still can’t get over the fact he met the REAL-LIFE South Korean Prime Minister.  Did they mention ‘The King 2 Hearts’ at all?!?!  Must have been awkward since the Prime Minister character in the drama was a total sleazebag, and Lee Jaeha had to put him in his place!  But no person can ever not like the REAL Seunggi!  Hehe.

(Writer Hong is definitely on my BAD LIST.  She for penning Lee Jaeha’s script lines to utter almost all the controversial, rude lines out of the main cast member.  And for shaping the story and script in a highly INEFFECTIVE manner toward the end, to make it about everything else BUT the deep love story of Jaeha-Hangah, and ‘the king’ and ‘two hearts.’  But whatever.  Thankfully, Seunggi and Jiwon were able to portray this well nevertheless!  And the entire great cast were able to cover the gaps in the script and story.  And the high-quality cinematography, um, thanks to the financial support from Seunggi and Jiwon’s CF endorsement sponsorships!  It’s going to be hard for Writer Hong to get lead actors/actresses to sign on to one of her projects from hereon, without demanding to see a rough cut of the ENTIRE script.  That’s for sure!)

I SO want to hear what Seunggi thought about meeting the S. Korean Prime Minister, after the political storyline in The King 2 Hearts!  Talk about when DRAMA meets REALITY!  (btw, Yuna’s expressions are always so daebak!  So fierce yet amusing!)

Sorry to be repetitive, but…  He can SO totally pass for a finance guy or I-banker!  Navigating the crowd with KB Financial Group President Uh Yoon Dae by his side…

Seunggi stopping to shake hands with super-excited Fanboy!  Love it always!

Elegant and sincere kingly aura about Lee Seunggi (Lee Jaeha!) can’t be helped~~!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Ann, I join you in being very disappointed at the main writer in ep. 18 and 19. Don’t know what she’s planning to do! I heard that it’s PD Lee who saved the day. Thank goodness!

    • AM~ honestly, I still haven’t fully processed what went down… like, we’re talking about freaking Korea’s top actress Ha Ji Won and Korea’s beloved Lee Seung Gi!!! And yet the writer shaped the story and script toward the end that left both characters (Jaeha and Hangah) and their love story as an afterthought. If Seunggi and Jiwon weren’t so generally favorable and likeable as real people, things could’ve been way worse. WTF?! Who does that to Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi??!!

      Sure, Writer Hong’s intent was to show the growth and maturity of king Lee Jaeha, particularly with the support of Hangah, as well as Shikyung, Sec Eun, and all the other people by his side. But you need to give an actor (Jaeha) consistent and redeemable script lines to work with so he CAN convey that storyline. And that involves building a storyline that gets you to root for the king over time. Sure people say his character changed and transformed, but KNOWING that and BELIEVING that are 2 different things. And one last final ep where the writer FINALLY remembered, oh yeah, I’m supposed to write lines to redeem Jaeha in the eyes of viewers, and make up for all his petty and immature ways shown over a slew of eps up to this point… not sure if that really cuts it! And WTF with not writing in scenes of Jaeha being in remorse over Shikyung (who died!), and solely segueing instead to happy Jaeha being all cutesy in date-mode with Hangah. I seriously thought the Writer was an Anti at that moment!

      And hello, Hangah suffered like crazy… she was kidnapped, beaten, shot at, jailed, and yet still came out strong at the end… but did the writer even shape the story to convey that in the minds of viewer?! Yes, Shikyung suffered a tremendous amount for his king, but honestly I would’ve loved to see some realism thrown in to the near-perfect character and show some tugging on his part, between suffering to save the king versus moreso, his concept of trying to right the wrong of his father’s sins. Then this would make him more dimensional and believable. That he’s so driven by what is seen as good and right in the eyes of people, that this at times clouded his driving motivation than sheer sacrifice to serve and save the king.

      Thankfully, Jaeha and Hangah were so lovable, and Seunggi and Jiwon had such great chemistry on and off-set, and the entire cast were so great individually and together, and the cinematography was so awesome… TK2H will have a special place in my heart. huhuhu. :)

  2. well, from lsgDC fans cursed his hairstyle was a perm hair again after drama.. he is messy again…

    • I just didn’t want to taint and sully the awesome KB event posts featuring a bright sincere smiling Seunggi with my spiteful spew toward Hairstylist, Hook, and to some degree Cody. I’ll save that for a separate post. Sigh…

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