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Lee Seung Gi – Kim Yuna: 2012 KB Good Job Fair [videos]

[SSTV] ‘Lee Seung Gi – Kim Yuna, heartwarming meeting of the king and queen’
Love this news coverage clip! Fangirls and fanboys are always awesome!

(video: SSTVnews)

Not sure why the video embeds in wordpress have been showing up blurry all of a sudden.  Click on YT icons to watch clearer quality version in new window…

[TV Daily] ‘To catch a glimpse of ‘Ambassadors’ Kim Yuna – Lee Seung Gi’

(video: LegendOfyunaKim)

[Yuna Fancam] Featuring Seunggi in the beginning
Poor Seunggi and Yuna!  All the constant camera flashes and stares, screaming from all the people who showed up… not necessarily for the job fair!

(video: DaumYunacafe)

[Seunggi Fancam]

(video: whsksdhr)

[Seunggi Fancam]

(video: AirenVideo/DCLSG)

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