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Sponsor Lee Seung Gi makes surprise appearance on 200th ‘Dong Heng’ broadcast [2012.05.24]

(video: jaew38)

‘Dong Heng’ – Lee Seung Gi cut

NARRATOR: Sympathizing with the hurts of ‘Dong Heng’ teenagers, wanting to encourage their dreams…
LSG: It’s not an easy program for teenagers to watch.  They have to study during that time and there are a lot of other variety shows on.  But to our students who’ve shown interest and came here, I’m really thankful.

NARRATOR: Our hands come together and our hearts gather together for ‘Dong Heng.’ This special story starts now…
[‘Dong Heng’ theater. The story of the teens we meet again at the theater.]
[Dreams.  Family.  Happiness…  What does this mean?]

NARRATOR: The excitement of meeting at the theater, rather than via broadcast… (LSG walks on stage to applause and love from teens!)
[A strong supporter of the families of ‘Dong Heng.’  Lee Seung Gi.]

LSG: Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi.
NARRATOR: There was even more passionate excitement when ‘Dong Heng’ sponsor since 2009, Lee Seunggi, made a surprise appearance.
LSG: I wanted to be here with you for the 200th special episode, so I stopped by to say hello…  I feel really happy that I got to meet you, and I hope we can continue to accompany one another (‘dong-heng’) together.

English: LSGfan

That’s so cool (and a privilege!) to be part of such an awesome, respected program for 3 years.  It’s great that Seunggi’s been able to sponsor and support families on the ‘Dong Heng’ program since 2009 through now.  Nothing beats sharing goodness to keep us thankful, grounded, and wanting to do more for others who need it~~!!!

Images: DCLSG/As labeled, LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks & wish you healthy & peaceful!

  2. …and this is why we adore Seunggi more and more. He attended this in the midst of his busy filming schedule. You’re seriously amazing, Seunggi-yah!

  3. How can we not LOVE such a wonderful & sincere man.. Seunggi-ya, love you!

  4. All my respects to Charity Seung Gi.

    And dear Ann, just read your translation of Seung Gi’s letter to fans on Tryp’s blog. What a brilliant translation of a brilliant letter! Love you and love you some more…You will write a post about that right?

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