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Lee Seung Gi – Kim Yuna: KB Financial Group print ads

Hope the news blip about Seunggi and the amazing Kim Yuna appearing at the KB Good Job Fair on May 29 is indeed true.  Loved the last KB Good Job Fair look!  I sorta miss the REAL Lee Seunggi.  Plus, he’s always suited-up the best for KB events!  I would faint if he showed up in this perfectly fit, stylish Prada suit from TK2H ep18

Totally SO believable as a finance guy or banker! Annoying Cody, please avoid the ajusshi-fit suits, and also please make sure Seunggi’s pants don’t get, um… all scrunched up in that area!!!  Especially for humongous public print ads!!!

More Seunggi and Yuna…  She really comes off like his younger sister!

Not for KB Financial Group, but Samsung.  January 2012 new year greeting catalog.  Wah, after seeing the more matured Lee Seunggi in The King 2 Hearts, he looks like such a baby here…  Can’t believe this is the same guy?!?!!!

via Munhwa, Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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One Response

  1. Don’t really care~
    I love all sides of him!!!
    So oppa, don’t need to pressure yourself to change or the need to be mature and cool at all times… keke~

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