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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 19: Date kiss [BTS photos + Gifs]

Have mixed feelings about what went down in Episode 19. I knew there were rumors about the tragedy, but did NOT expect it to really happen. I’m still holding out that ANYTHING can happen in the final episode.  Wish there was better editing so that grieving and lovey-dovey scenes could be juxtaposed better in ep 19, but there’s no denying the love and passion that IS our Jaeha-Hangah.  Their hot kiss (not long enough!) left me wishing for more… and close-ups~~ like this DCTK2H kiss cut~!!

These kiss GIFs and BTS photos of their date make me want to see a FULL-cut BTS video of this Ep 19 date kiss (ala Fridge Kiss BTS video style!)~~~ Please…!!!

OMG, fans are really amazing.  Love how they cut it down to each sequence…!!!

Phase 1 of 3

Phase 2 of 3

Phase 3 of 3

The entire cut… Ackkkk~~!!!!

OMG, Seunggi is truly an amazing kisser, with great hand-skills! hehehe!!  I usually don’t feel this way, but for some reason, with Ha Jiwon, I feel sorta jealous.  Huhuhu.

If the kiss scene was also filmed on the same day when the BTS photos were posted (May 22), then it was AFTER all the press news about Seunggi saying his ideal girl has changed to Ha Jiwon sunbaenim!

Awkward~~??!!  Or a good thing~~??!!  Probably both and helped for a better kiss!!!

Neck Kiss, Fridge Kiss, Camp/Outdoor Dinner Kiss, Engagement Ceremony Kiss…

now this Everland Date Kiss… Will we get one more in the final episode~~??!!!

Cute BTS photos…  hmm, I feel bad they can’t date anybody in real life…

Now, I get why Seunggi looked uber happy in this photo~~!!!!  Hehe.

Aw, so cute with some of the staff and crew.  They all worked really hard.  Thanks~~

Video: leeseunggiworld, Images: MBC, DCTK2H

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3 Responses

  1. the kiss was so short and too far still is so HOT. . . LSG better do something make a move to HJW,

  2. Just adore the kiss scene to the nth degree!

    But, this episode in terms of story arcs and arrangement is kind of unsatisfying. Like you said, the cut between ESK’s death and the intimate detail between our couple’s life together (which I so wanted to see for its own sake) feels too abrupt. But I think the biggest problem for me is how artificial the conflict between the US-NK-SK feels.

    I think here is the clinch. Yes, foreign powers might not be too happy to see an united Korea for one reason or another; but I can’t see any of them as an active agent in the impasses, whether in the role of a peace maker, a deal initiator, a provoker, or a direct target (as BG’s scheme resulted). They are always behind the scene, felt but not seen, an invisible hand if you like.

    Hence this is the first time I feel the writers’ earnestness oversteps believability.

  3. Live Recap and Screenshots of the 20th (and final) episode of K2H. Eeeeeeeek I can’t wait for the finale tonight. Just 25 minutes left until it starts!! How will things end for the royal couple and the lonely Princess T.T ? I rarely say this, but I really hope John Mayer dies in the worst way for killing SK. http://goo.gl/YpLzJ

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