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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 18: Jaeha-Hangah’s rescue & reunion

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 18.  Jaeha decides they must do everything they can to go after Bongku, especially after Jaeshin’s hypnosis big memory reveal.

Hangah is captured by Chinese officials (paid off by Bongku), who designate her as a defector, and they take her in.  While imprisoned, she dreams of Jaeha sitting next to her, hugging her.  So sad and sweet at the same time.

At the same time, cue Jaeha in deep in thought, thinking about Hangah.  In his own world, he gets called back into the strategy meeting.

They’re planning to use the International Crimes Court charge.  Jaeha gets news that Shikyung still plans to leave for China, so an order is put out preventing him from leaving the country.  Shikyung comes storming to the door and calls out to Jaeha, says the king is simply scared to lose him just like with Hangah.  He pleads with the king to be strong and forceful, rather than just sitting at his desk in his office.

Shikyung gets Jahea to come out by addressing him as Lee Jaeha (rather than King) for the first time.  He gets Jaeha to agree to his plan – Jaeha will publicly bring charges against Bongku, and afterward, Shikyung will go to Bongku in China and pretend to take his side.  To prepare, the two guys work all night digging up evidence against Bongku.  Love these guys together.

Afterward, Shikyung goes to visit Jaeshin, in what may be his last time.  He also goes to visit his father, Sec Eun.  Later Jaeha makes a visit to Sec Eun as well, asks him to return to the palace.  All is forgiven.

Jaeha continues trying to figure out how to get more evidence on Bongku, but to no avail.  Frustrated, he looks up at jaekang and utters the ‘Are you glad’ password.  And all of a sudden he remembers the conversation with Bongku seated at the table.

Jaeha calls Shikyung and tells him to be careful.  Jaeha prepares for the public announcement and evidence reveal to bring ICC charges against Bongku, and sternly presents the recorded video to the press.

Bongku watches the announcement, and starts to freak out a bit.  And, now reps from other countries are not as willing to side with him like they easily did before.  Even right-hand man Colin betrays him, and ends up dead in a pool of water.

As planned, Shikyung infiltrates Bongku’s compound and is tortured.  But this seems to have been all part of Shikyung-Jaeha’s plan.

Later, Jaeha gets a phone call from Hangah.  He’s in shock.  She quickly tells him where she’s located in China and a gun goes off and the phone gets disconnected.

Jaeha arrives at the prison compound with his entourage which includes N. Korean soldiers.  Pissed off, e commands his people to search the entire prison for Hangah.

All of a sudden he hears Hangah scream out and runs in that direction with his men in tow.  And their expressions and tears say it all… the incredibly heartbreaking reunion between Jaeha and Hangah.

Hangah is brought safely to a hotel.  She gets up and insists that they deal with Bongku.  Jaeha tells her not to worry about that, to just focus on getting better.  He hugs her, apologizing for not protecting her and they cry together.  Aw, so many tears and hugs.

Jaeha and Hangah’s dad meet with Chinese reps, and demand they help catch Bongku to make up for imprisoning Hangah.  Understanding that’s not easy to do, Jaeha negotiates with them to then provide indirect assistance by providing clearance so the Korean army can come into China to capture Bongku.   So in the end, even the Chinese reps turn on Bongku.  He really has no people by his side.

Later Hangah and Jaeha re lying/sitting in bed (ackkk!) and Jaeha’s worried since he hasn’t received a phone call from Shikyung yet.  Hangah’s worried too, thinking that Shikyung is no match for the crazy Bongku.

The next morning, Jaeha and Hangah get ready to leave China and head back to Korea since the Korean military has been authorized to enter for back-up.  But Jaeha finally gets a phonecall from Shikyung, who gives Bongku’s whereabouts.  He tells Jaeha that he’s gained Bongku’s trust and that Jaeha himself should meet Shikyung to see Bongku’s capture.  Since Hangah’s not well, Jaeha says he was planning to accompany her back to Korea, but Shikyung convinces Jaeha to come and meet him.

Hangah’s super worried but Jaeha tells her everything’s going to be fine, that they just need to trust Eun Shikyung.  He kisses her, tells her not to worry, and says he’ll see her back in Korea.

Jaeha goes to meet Shikyung, who’s acting weird.  He’s concerned how much Shikyung must have gone through so he doesn’t ask much.  He trusts him completely.  Shikyung leads Jaeha to a cliffside.  Bongku and Bon Bon are there.

And then out of nowhere, Shikyung points the gun at Jaeha…

Can’t believe only 2 final episodes remain…  Feel nervous and unsettled…

Watch Jaeha scenes + full episode at Tryp96 – 12.05.17 TK2H Ep 18 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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