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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 17: Strategizing and the big reveal

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 17.  Jaeha meets Hangah in his dream, and later decides to abdicate his throne so Hangah and Queen Mom can be saved.  But Bongku shakes things up and allows Jaeha to video communicate with Hangah…

Bongku warns Hangah to act desperate, making Jaeha abdicate his throne.  Shikyung advises Jaeha not to show any sadness or emotion since Bongku will definitely be watching too.   Woah, the scene between Jaeha-Hangah… so intense!

Hangah clues in Jaeha about where Bongku is keeping her and Queen Mom (location where they sent the usb flashdrive gift), and reminds Jaeha (via code) what she said at the WOC about wanting Jaeha to be a man of respect above all things.  She says they can’t kill her and Jaeha must not abdicate his throne under any circumstances… or else she will kill herself.  Connection gets cut off.

Jaeha tells Shikyung the location has to be in China.  He orders all diplomats be gathered to strategize and find Bongku’s home.  They reach out to Chinese officials for help, but Jaeha later gets a call indicating that the Chinese government won’t allow the Korean military into China, especially with no proof Hangah’s even there.

They decide to go with a covert operation, sending in 5 guys which include WOC team members.  They are told that this is the real deal, serious stuff, and it’s possible they could die, but that Hangah must be rescued.

Hangah, after threatening to kill herself to Bongku, demands that she be taken to Queen Mom.  She arrives badly bruised and beaten, but stays strong for the sake of Queen Mom.  The two plan their escape, and make it out of Bongku’s cave home, but with Hangah shot in the arm along the way.  (huhuhu, she suffers so much!)

But Bon Bon and the crazies are close on their tail.  They hear WOC members (who’ve made it to the area) call out to the ladies, and Hangah sends off Queen Mom while she tries to distract Bon Bon.

Later, we see Queen Mom safely back at the palace, but noticeably distraught.  Jaeha stays strong for Mom, and assures her that Hangah will be fine, not to worry.

Jaeha meets with the Korean Prime Minister, demands Chinese government negotiations take place to get Hangah back.  But the useless dude says it’s too difficult, as China is already upset about the covert operation rescue of Queen Mom.

Unable to contain himself, Jaeha, pissed off, grabs Prime Minister and yells at him reminding him that his job IS to negotiate and save save hostages, instead of being busy with political convention stuff!  Jaeha threatens to reveal the Prime Minister’s dirty secrets if he doesn’t do something.  Then, Jaeha unable to break down publicly, gets teary and pleads with Prime Minister to help save Hangah.

Jaeha suggests to Shikyung that they use the International Crimes Court to bring crimes against humanity charges against Bongku.  Shikyung suggests Jaeha just please call Sec. Eun for counsel, but Jaeha refuses.  This infuriates Shikyung since he still doesn’t know why his father was dismissed by Jaeha.  But later, he checks the document room and reads his father’s confession.  Shock.

Sec Eun calls Jaeha and advises him to try the International Crimes Court as a strategy, and that Sec Eun himself will testify against Bongku in court.  Jaeha says he already thought of that idea but they have no other proof against Bongku so it will just be their word against his.

Jaeha finds out that Shikyung discovered the truth, and tells Sec Eun.   Shikyung finds his dad, and sad scene between father and son.  He leaves his dad, thanking him for the burden that he now has to live with because of his dad’s wrongdoing.

Shikyung, tries to leave for China with his own plan, but is caught and stopped by Jaeha who tells him that he need not to take on the guilt of his dad.  Shikyung reveals Bongku was interested in him, and so he is the only one who can go after Bongku in China.  His plan is to get Bongku on his side and then reveal his new hiding place.  Jaeha says this is too dangerous and would put the monarchy at risk at well.

He puts Dongha on 24-hour watch, so Shikyung doesn’t leave.  Shikyung resists, but Jaeha snaps back that this is NOT about the guilt over his dad, but that Hangah’s life is in danger.  And how dare Shikyung go all mental, when Jaeha’s doing his best to stay calm and collected amidst all this craziness.

Jaeshin decides she’ll do whatever it takes to get back at Bongku, and decides to undergo hypnosis to remember events from that night, despite her condition not being so good.  Jaeha arrives and gets everyone out of the room and tells her she doesn’t need to do this right now.  (now that I think about it, I wish we got to see more sibling scenes).  Jaeshin wants to become useful.  Jaeha suggests that maybe she wants Shikyung by her side, but she refuses.  Jaeha stays in the room and watches over her as she remembers the terrible event…

She comes out of hypnosis, wailing and arms flailing, screaming she was the one who killed Jaekang (held at gunpoint, and forced to put the carbon monoxide in the fireplace).  Wow.  Totally unexpected BIG REVEAL.  And so heartbreaking…

Jaeha tells Queen Mom they must go after and fight Bongku.

Watch Jaeha scenes + full episode at Tryp96 – 12.05.16 TK2H Ep 17 Cuts

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