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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 18: Again, Seunggi at gunpoint [Stills]

While I’m so sad to see The King 2 Hearts come to an end, I will definitely NOT miss all the images of GUNS pointed at Seunggi!  Everyone’s had their chance (Hangah, Shikyung, bad NK guys, even Jaeha himself pointed a gun to his own head)!  And I will NOT miss all the endless sadness and crying.  My poor heart!  Anticipating how our beloved characters (Jaeha, Shikyung, Hangah) will bring down crazy Club M Bongku in the final episodes.  Hopefully Writer Hong saw the ridiculous Fashion King finale and fan reaction, and won’t give the cast and fans an undeserving dud!!~~

BTS photo from when Jaeha was held at gunpoint earlier on, and Hangah and her N. Korean WOC teammates saved the day.  Jiwon and Seunggi look so cute here reviewing film footage…

And just because~~~!!!!  Um, just to lighten up the intensity, uncertainty, sadness, tears brought on from recent eps…  Seems like such a lifetime ago when Jaeha was happily chilling in the bathtub with no care in the world.  Older brother Jaekang by his side.  In denial about his love for Hangah.  I definitely prefer who our Lee Jaeha has become now versus then as bratty king (although he was a very CUTE bratty prince!)

Images: MBC

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