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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 15: Jaeha-Hangah survive the WOC

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 15. The first round of WOC competition has begun, but Jaeha, Hangah, and team are in a bind and have to find a creative way to win…

And the only way to win within the rules, is to blow up the rival team’s supply room.

Jaeha became an explosives expert during military service so he takes charge.  Hangah is a little doubtful whether he can get this done, and by mistake utters a slight toward Jaeha.  His expression is like~ Really?!  So cute…

Hangah and Dongha leave to try and negotiate with the rival team.  Meanwhile, Jaeha continues, hands shaking, with only a few minutes left…

So hot~~!!!  ‘Drop the gun!!!’  Seunggi needs to speak English more.

His pronunciation is good, way better than the butchering I’ve heard from others!  And his slight accent is so cute!

Time’s running out.  And Hangah has to decide whether to press the button or not, so the team has a chance to win.  Jaeha told her to press the button no matter what, to trust him.

Hangah remembers how Jaeha told her to trust him, and their embrace and tears together.  She unwillingly presses the button and the supply hut explodes.  She freaks out thinking Jaeha may be dead…

But he made it out beforehand.  She cries, he gives her a smile.  (Wah~!!)  They embrace, while Hangah can’t stop crying.  I love them!!!  But WHY no kiss???!!!!

I always LOVE how Jaeha and Hangah embrace each other~~!!!  We need more!

The SK-NK and US WOC team make nice and leave the camp.

The Korean WOC team makes it far enough, which means the royal engagement is on.  Hangah was so cute here.  And Jaeha was so proud to call her his fiancee!

Ok, why are they are in separate bunks??!!!  The PD is really trying to drive fans crazy!

Jaeha-Hangah fly high-style first-class back to S. Korea.  Jaeha gets word that Bongku wants to meet him.  Hangah is against the idea but Jaeha says he needs to pursue this.

Jaeha meets Bongku, and tells him he won’t let up.  They have an intense exchange, and Jaeha reminds Bongku that he has no ‘people’ to fend for him.

Royal engagement day.  While happy, there’s an uncertain heaviness in the air…

Watch Jaeha scenes + full episode at Tryp96 – 12.05.09 TK2H Ep 15 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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