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Samsung Everland – The King 2 Hearts engagement fancams

Fancam spam~~~  follow-up to royal engagement BTS photos.  Love these videos…

1 – Seunggi trying not to smile at fan squee-reams!

2 – Leaving~ Shalala-lalala

3 – Leaving~ Beautiful day

4 – Jaeha-Hangah~ Kis-su-hae~ Kis-su-hae~

5 – Drinking a lot!

6 – Stretching??!!

7 – Filming, talking, laughing 1

8 – Filming, talking, laughing 2

9 – Greeting, talking with senior actors

Videos: tiamo483, TheEmmaSG, bynnchannel, naeseunggi, esan1028, As labeled

Samsung Everland sponsorship photos

Images: Samsung Everland

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One Response

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for these lovely videos. They never get old!
    SG was so cute when he tried hard not to smile at “you are so good looking!” all around him! I love those fans too, hahaha.
    He always looks amused by the crazy receptions he gets. It’s like he does not take himself too seriously (unlike some other stars, when entering or leaving public limelight, wearing that pained and self-important expression like they are being tortured!). In here, in his formal attire, he really looks like a benevolent king.

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