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Photographer Cho Sei Hon talks working with Lee Seung Gi

Famed photographer Cho Sei Hon, known for his annual Angels.for1.com Letter from Angels photo exhibit, guested on an MBC radio program, and talked about Seunggi and working on his albums since his debut up through his recent Japan activities.  He’s a close friend of Lee SunHee, and yes, Captain Hook Entertainment annoys me, but the sincere love, mentoring Seunggi gets from Teacher Sunhee and top sunbaes are definitely priceless.  What Photographer Cho said (with gleaming pride!)…

MBC FM4U radio, Joo Young Hoon’s 2:00 Date [2012.05.14]
Photographer Cho Sei Hon interview – Excerpt

English: LSGfan, Audio: Tryp96 – 12.05.14 MBC Radio 2 O’clock Date

DJ: #6011 wrote on our message board, “Photographer Cho, really happy to meet you.  I really loved the photo of Lee Seung Gi.” (laughter).

CSH: Like I was saying before, Seunggi is really a memorable star.  I was involved in his debut and we worked on a lot of albums together. And we’re doing some image-making work together for his Japan activities.

DJ: You must feel very content, having worked together when he was a rookie, and seeing him rise to stardom?  Like having raised a son?  At times, you probably feel that way?

CSH:  I get that often when I’m with Seunggi, people asking if I’m his dad.  (chuckles).  But more than that, not everyone can succeed, but when I first met Seunggi, my first impression was that he could be successful in a new and innovative way.  Back then, just like now, he was very polite and well-mannered, and had a clean-cut, smart image.  I thought, this friend can have an impact on our nation’s entertainment industry.  And he really didn’t disappoint, and of course he worked hard too, so it makes me really happy.

I think there’s this aspect where you’ve worked hard and taken a lot of photos.  And if you become a popular star, the photos of you remain intact.  But there are a lot of entertainers who disappear, even after I photographed them.  So that’s too bad, as that meaningful photo in a way disappears too.  So I’m always hoping that all of [the stars] will be successful.

This MBC radio DJ Joo Young Hoon is such a fanboy!  He always gets so excited when he talks about Seunggi!  Ha.  He’s been on Strong Heart before, and I thought he was literally going to faint while just imagining a soccer match-up between Seunggi and Hyunjoong when Hyunjoong guested on the radio show! LOL.

I know Seunggi’s already done the photo exhibit in 2008 and 2010, and it’s not like Photographer Cho can include him every year!  But I would love to see Seunggi photographed with cute little babies again before he leaves for military service!!!

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8 Responses

  1. I love love articles like this! While fangirls and fanboys are aplenty for a lot of the idols and stars, rare are celebrities who are loved by colleagues and more senior and respected people.
    Really proud of how Seunggi has earned the respect of people that he himself looks up to. Love the press and critics’ accolades on the new discovery of Seunggi’s acting capabilities!
    Seunggi-ya, you just continue to make us love and adore you even more!

  2. the only interview I have yet to see and will be looking forward to will be an interview with PD Lee Jae Kyu! I want to know what he thinks of Seunggi!

  3. Compliment as usual, uri Seung Gi
    Ann..the last photo..I forgot when is it? Sorry for bothering you..

    • Dear reglest,

      That was the 2011 F/W Miss Gee collection fashion show. Ann wrote it up on April 1, 2011. If you click on the tag of Cho Sei Hon, you will see it.

      Ann’s blog is like a treasure chest, isn’t it?

      • A treasure chest, Indeed it is!

        ororo, lazy me..I forgot there is tag for Cho Sei Hon, thank you AnnMichelles!

  4. I just want to say…
    I adore Seung Gi oppa and so I like all people who adore him as well~

  5. Can Hang Ah Survive?? Check out The King 2 Hearts Ep 18 in 30 mins!! http://goo.gl/ZmrCJ

  6. love love all these nice articles about him..^^ reading praises from his respected seniors, makes me a proudest fan..! :D

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