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The King 2 Hearts: Seunggi at Busan waterside [BTS photos]

May 12.  These may be SPOILER photos?  This photoblogger captured gorgeous scenic BTS photos of Seunggi filming The King 2 Hearts by the waterside in Busan…

Seunggi’s long legs stretched out and on display never disappoint~~!!!

Where are his umbrella butlers/managers?!?!  Cody just sitting back?!?!

Woah, there’s a throne set up out there…

Jung Seok (Shikyung) was there too…

Finally, Seunggi’s umbrella guy…  Haven’t see this manager/friend in a while.

But is that Bon Bon???!!!  I hope she gets what she deserves!!

See more larger images by photoblogger at blog.naver.com/bludx

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4 Responses

  1. LOLs your facus exactly the same with mine…his long legs..<3

  2. Thanks so much for this, Ann.
    Isn’t the blogger amazing?
    I never ventured out of Seoul. Now I am seriously thinking Bushan. Such a beautiful place! SG was so considerate to give cody a rest. (By the way, did you see cody wearing that ‘Michael Jackson’ / Balmain jacket? Isn’t it weird? No wonder I could not figure out this cody most of the time.)
    Yes, I think I saw Bon Bon. But where is Bong Gu? So the final show down is some place else?

  3. think needs to settle that Bon Bon first.. only when she is dead, Bong Gu will panic who to help him… Looks like this will be in episode 20.(since i read from somewhere that they have sort of completed filming episode 19)..

  4. Will Lee Seung Gi resign from his position as the King?? Check out The King 2 Hearts ep 17 LIVE recap in 30 mins!!

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