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Jaeha♥Hangah~~ To love… is to receive a glimpse of heaven

I’m not sure why this couple has had such a deep effect on me~~!!!  Photos or videos of our Jaeha-Hangah giddy and kissing get me all excited.  But since their embraces, skinship, eye glances are always clouded by ominous danger lurking around the corner, I can’t help but to feel uneasy sadness at the same time!  huhu.  These amazing images of our beloved Jaeha-Hangah totally depict my mixed emotions!  Seriously, I don’t think I’ll be able to bear it if their precious love does not get a happy fulfilled ending… please don’t break my heart…

Lee Jae Ha

Kim Hang Ah

The person I miss like crazy

We’re getting engaged!  This person is now my fiance!

Us… these hands… let’s never let go again

Wahh~~~~!!!! Spazzzzz~~~!!!!! Ki-su-hae! Ki-su-hae! Ki-su-hae!

I love Jaeha-Hangah sooooo much!!!

Wow, these are some really amazing fan-made phone wallpapers~~!!!!

Images: MBC

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2 Responses

  1. so.. beautiful

  2. Love those wallpapaer.. Ann, I feel the same way with you. Of all Seunggi’s drama i can say that TK2H is not your ordinary drama..I’m so impressed that Seunggi choose this project. Im crossing my fingers that we could get a happy ending.. Mr. director..please…

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