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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 14-15: WOC team fun [Stills + BTS]

Aw, Seunggi frolicking in the ocean with hyungs made me long for the awesome days of 1N2D.  It was supposedly his idea for the keepsake group photo, and jumping in the water.  The great environment on set may be one of the most memorable jjang aspects of the drama~~!!!  To think he’ll really be doing military service soon… huhu.  And I’m confused these days…  Is this Jaeha-Hangah?  or Seunggi-Jiwon?  Wahh…

I wonder why Seunggi’s not in this photo…

Wahhhhhhhh~~~~~!!!!! Seunggi’s really prepping fans for his 2-year military service…

OMG…  Is this Jaeha-Hangah… or Seunggi-Jiwon~  I’m confused these days…

I feel like both of them are going to be so sad after filming wraps, especially with the intense lovestory their characters were involved in…  huhuhu.   I hope Seunggi invites Jiwon, and the rest of the cast to perform at his end-of-the-year concert in Seoul!!!

Images: MBC, DCLSG, Tryp96

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