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Jo Jung Seok on His Highness ‘Seunggi-yah’ Lee Seung Gi…

With Seunggi (25) playing such a high-rank older Lee Jaeha character on The King 2 Hearts, it’s hard to believe Jo Jung Seok (32) is older by 7 years in real life!  Woah!!  Jungseok debuted as a musical actor in 2004 (same year as Seunggi) and known as the ‘idol’ of musical actors, only niche groups really knew about him…

But he’s having a breakthrough year through his scene-stealing goofy character portrayal in hit movie ‘Introduction to Architecture” (along with Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon; like no one’s really talking about leads Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ga In).  And gaining fans through the perfectly earnest character of Shikyung.  He’s one of THOSE actors where people know his character’s names but don’t know his real name!  But probably not for long.

I love the Jaeha-Shikyung relationship on TK2H, especially following the death of Jaekang, so I hope Writer Hong develops and brings this relationship to a deserving close.  And how can you not love the guy when he affectionately uses ‘Seunggi-yah’ in public shout-out messages like this?!?!…

[2012.04.29] MBC Section TV: Jo Jung Seok’s message to Seunggi
English: LSGfan

S: You filmed all night into the morning? Assisting the king can’t be easy?!
JJS: It’s hard to eat and make a living.. It’s hard serving His Highness Jaeha!

(TK2H scenes of Shikyung playing guitar at the campfire, with Hangah melting and Jaeha watching with jealousy from afar are shown. LOL.) 
S: Ha Jiwon has hearts in her eyes. So that makes Lee Seunggi dislike you?
JJS: Yes…  (hilarious scenes of Shikyung giving Jaeha a leg massage! Ha)

Seulgi suggests he send out a message to Seunggi…

JJS: Your Highness Seunggi… It’s me Eun Shikyung.  I will continue to serve and guard you until we finish filming…  Seunggi-yah Fighting!  (LOL, he addressed Seunggi as ‘Your Highness’ instead of using Jaeha which totally cracked Seulgi up!  I love that he threw in the ‘Seunggi-yah’ at the end!)   

Jungseok also did a TK2H BTS interview and was asked about Seunggi…

[The King 2 Hearts, BTS interview: Jo Jung Seok excerpt on Seunggi]

Q: How was your chemistry with Lee Seung Gi?
JJS:  He gave off a great impression from the first time I met him.  And he was a very complimentary person in my eyes…  and because of that complimentary energy, we developed good rapport quickly when we acted together.  And because Seunggi acts well and tends to be thoughtful about it, I really enjoyed it and it was comfortable.

And love his super excited photo tweet during one of the many(!) Seunggi fan events for the TK2H staff and actors.   On May 2, Jungseok tweeted a photo of the luxurious lunch set, which was all over the news that day.  I love that he used ‘Seunggi-yah’ since I really miss hearing that from his hyungs and variety show PD-nims…

Woah!!!!  Dae to the Bak!!  Dae ae bak!!  keke  Seunggi-yah, I’ll eat well!!  Jjang!! ke   (English: LSGfan via twitter@jojeol)

Wah, I’m going to really miss this Jaeha-Shikyung bromance…  huhuhu~~~

Images: Naver, Twitter, LSGfan

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    • Hey Bee~~!! Did we make it through this spring term?! OMG, things have been soooo busy!

      I didn’t translate any of the non-Seunggi related part of interview, and don’t plan to, so not sure if you still want to sub. But if you want to sub just the Section TV cut where they show the TK2H scenes and the Seunggi-talk part, then sure, go ahead.

  2. please sub this…
    including the non-seunggi related part…
    *bow hard

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