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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 14: Korea-US WOC competition begins

Screencap recap SPAM – TK2H ep 14.  Jaeha prepared a lavish, romantic pre-WOC outdoor dinner for Hangah, but then unfortunately drew (all Bongku’s doing!) the US in the WOC first roundNow the North-South unified Korean team risks early elimination since the US is the most formidable team in the competition…

The Korea team also gets 10 points deducted from the get go because of WOC team member Kangseok’s inability (while in the bathroom!) to control his temper when overhearing soldiers from other countries talking not so nicely about the weak Korea team.  But he finally ends up apologizing, and the Korean and US teams shake hands on the whole thing, wishing each other the best in the WOC.

The WOC team heads out to the competition location by sea.  The team feels pressure but get pumped up and place unified Korea patches on their jacket arms.  Jaeha sweetly puts the patch on Hangah’s arm, while she gives him a love-slap patch in return, eliciting the cutest reaction EVER from Jaeha~~!!!!

Meanwhile, Princess Jaeshin’s first public appearance is rudely interrupted by the crazy creepy chocolate eating Bon Bon.  Bongku’s also at the event.  Fortunately, Shikyung is there and catches on that there may be a connection and takes Bon Bon in for questioning.  Later Bongku is able to maneuver her release, and looks to threaten Sec Eun and his son’s relationship.

Back at the WOC competition, the team lands on shore and head to basecamp.

However, as the Korean team plans strategy, bickering begins between Jaeha and Hangah.  Wanting to win no matter what, Jaeha comes up with a series of ideas and suggestions to con their rival team.  But Hangah’s like no way.  Jaeha turns serious and reminds Hangah that they have to win so they can get engaged.  She sternly says she’d rather have an honorable guy above all things, and pushes away his hand when he reaches out to her.

Back in WOC mode and away from the palace and his formal role as king, Jaeha seems to revert back to his old comrade ways versus his more recent kingly, confident ways…

The team does rock paper scissors to decide who will hold on to the key (the item that each team is aiming to retrieve from one another).  Meanwhile the US team uses some high-tech gadget to sneak peek into the Korean team meeting.  The Korean team wraps up their strategic meeting and four of them head out on military scooter, and we get another cute Jaeha-Hangah moment as they scooter off together!

This scooter scene so reminded me of the 2009 1n2D Chuseok special episode to Yeonpyoung Island when they visit the heavy militarized area and Seunggi, Hodong, Sugeun win the bokbulbok sight-seeing scooter trip.

However, there’s a change of plans soon after the 2 Korean WOC team members left at basecamp (including the guy with the all important key) get taken in by the opposing team.  To avoid releasing the key, the guy swallows the key and in return is treated with an enema patch to get the key excreted.  This whole sequence was funny, but kinda gross and a little disturbing.

The other K-WOC members return and get a phoneall from the US team, saying they have the key, that this finishes the game.  The US team heads out to the escape boat in a great mood but find that the boat is missing.  They split up, and a few members set out for the Korean basecamp and others head back to their own US basecamp to strategize next steps.

In the meantime, the remaining Korean team members strategize a plan of action, and Jaeha and Dongah end up at the US basecamp in stealth mode.

Jaeha sneaks into the utility/supply hut and starts going all awesome tech-y geek on us!  (Just like his awesome chemistry mixing mode to concoct Hangah’s facial line gift!)  And the inescapable inner nerd in me again faints with admiration and love for our flawed hero, King Lee Jaeha.

Hangah and another comrade are back on the scooter headed somewhere (all part of the master plan?) while Jaeha and Dongah are at the US basecamp.  Preview suggests danger may be looming for the Korean WOC team…  But at the same time, MBC’s already released stills of Jaeha-Hangah’s extravagant engagement.  So I guess we can assume things work out.  (MBC sure loves their official spoiler photos).

I’m hoping the writer consistently carries the character development of our 187 IQ flawed hero and strong resolute queen-to-be, as well as their deep love story in the upcoming episodes.  I have faith.  Can’t wait to see what’s to come…

VIDEO – Jaeha-Hangah slap on unified Korea patches

VIDEO – Cute scooter scene

VIDEO – Awesome geeked out tech-y Lee Jaeha!

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.05.03 TK2H Ep 14 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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  2. “cutest reaction EVER from Jaeha” I second that~! :)

  3. Ready for The King 2 Hearts Ep 16 Live Recap & Screenshots?? In 30 mins!!

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